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70 Years of Hope, and the question that started it all!

Bob Pierce praying, in black and white photo.

In 2020, World Vision celebrates our 70th Anniversary. More importantly, we celebrate the millions worldwide who have received the tools to overcome poverty – and it all began with one man: Rev. Dr. Bob Pierce, an American evangelist and war correspondent who famously said:

“Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.”


A Single Question

While on a trip to China, Bob visited a girls’ school run by Dutch missionaries. Its principal Tena Hoelkeboer came to him with a young girl named White Jade who had been abandoned by her family and left with nothing.

Three postcards from the "Come See My World" series featuring children from marginalised areas.

Tena asked Bob a simple question: “What are you going to do about it?” Deeply moved, he gave the five dollars in his pocket to Tena and pledged to send more when he got home. But that question would continue to haunt him.

In 1950, he served as a war correspondent covering the Korean War. That same year, he founded World Vision to meet the needs of Korea’s war orphans; in 1953, World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Programme was established. In the years that followed, World Vision would grow rapidly, and now reaches children in nearly 100 countries.


From One Man to Millions of Children