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Imagine a world where…

Eating plain rice is a luxury.

Children can’t go to school.

The only water you get to drink is from a filthy pond.

You can’t go to the doctor when you’re sick.


This is the world of millions of children living in vulnerable communities; the world they wake up to every single day. Now… what if YOU could change that world and give the children a world of firsts!


How World Vision brings change

All around the globe, we work to bring the basics of life to vulnerable communities.

As a result, every 60 seconds... a family gets water… a hungry child is fed… a family receives the tools to overcome poverty, and more.

That means, millions of vulnerable children and their families are experiencing a new ‘first’ every day – the first sip of clean water, the first day at school, the first harvest of farm vegetables… the list goes on. With every ‘first’, we see the spark of hope for a better future grow in their lives. All this would not have been possible without the thousands of loving, caring people who believe that together we can change the world for children, one child at a time.

Here is the story of one such person:

Wang Leehom and Khamphouva – A Story of Hope

Wang Lee Hom is posing with his sponsored child Khamphoava as a World Vision Malaysia Ambassador for Child Sponsorship.


“Khamphouva, my friend, you hold your head high above the bleakness of your environment. You have a vision of a better future, and are determined to make it happen.”

These are the words of Wang Leehom. A dedicated World Vision child sponsor and current World Vision Malaysia Ambassador, he went to visit his sponsored child Khamphouva in Laos in 2007. The boy had a hard life, but he lived it with dignity.

Khamphouva took Leehom around the forest, and showed him how to hunt and forage for bamboo shoots, crabs, frogs, crickets and scarabs to eat! The ‘meal’ had Leehom’s stomach in agony, but it gave him a deep appreciation for the life he took for granted. “I see him sitting across from me at every meal – and I wonder what Khamphouva is eating today.”

Through World Vision’s work in his community, Khamphouva has grown into a healthy young man with a bright future, something which seemed hard to imagine so many years ago. Seven years after Leehom’s visit to Laos, Khamphouva experienced an amazing first – flying to Taiwan to appear on stage with Leehom!

Photo credit: World Vision Taiwan


When Leehom sponsored Khamphouva, it was the beginning of a journey that changed a young boy’s world and gave him hope of a brighter tomorrow. By sponsoring a child, you can help the child say for the first time, “Because of You, I have Hope”!

Sponsor a child now


A girl whose life has been changed for good thanks to the efforts of World Vision and it's Child Sponsors.


Sponsoring a child unlocks a world of firsts!

You can sponsor a child with World Vision, unlocking a world of firsts from just RM65 (Asian countries) or RM80 (Non-Asian countries) per month. A girl's first day at school is her first step to becoming a community leader instead of a child bride. A boy’s first nutritious meal is his first day with enough energy to learn and play. And for you – the first letter and photo you receive from your sponsored child is the last time the child is a stranger.


Here are the firsts you’ll experience through child sponsorship!

Your sponsored child is an ambassador of change, allowing you to personally connect with our work as you watch your child and his or her community break free from poverty. On this journey, you’ll experience:

Your first letter from your sponsored child
Your first letter from your sponsored child

Not long after you begin your sponsorship, you'll receive a letter from your sponsored child. He or she will tell you more about themselves, what they like to eat and play, and ask questions about you. You may even receive a work of art drawn just for you!
Your first community update
Your first community update

You'll see the improvements being made to the lives of the entire community through regular updates. From new projects such as water boreholes and schools, to how much longer we'll be working in the community, and how the lives of other children in the community are changing too.
Your first shared life moment
Your first shared life’s moment

You'll witness as your sponsored child reaches key milestones in their life, thanks to you. Whether it's their first day of school, first time tasting clean water, or walking in their first new pair of shoes – you can share their excitement.



How does child sponsorship work?

Your contributions are pooled together with that of other child sponsors and channelled towards holistic development in your sponsored child’s community, bringing them:



Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition


Child Protection

Child Protection


Through this community development, for every child sponsored another four children benefit, too.

Globally, World Vision is undertaking the largest humanitarian response in our 70-year history to limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce its impact on the health, education, livelihoods and safety of vulnerable children and their families. By sponsoring a child, you can help us keep children safe and healthy through awareness-building, health and hygiene measures. We can then rebuild communities and help them become more resilient.

Are you ready to help children discover a world of firsts?

Sponsor a child now