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What is Child Sponsorship?


It is a life-changing journey.

Sponsoring a child is the start of a wonderful journey – for children, for communities, and for you. For as little as RM65 (Asian countries) or RM80 (Non-Asian countries) per month, you can help transform communities by giving them access to the basics of life – Health Care, Clean Water, Economic Development, Food and Agriculture as well as Education.

World Vision focuses on children, partnering with communities to create genuine, lasting change. When you become a child sponsor, your contributions are channelled to holistic development work in your child’s community, empowering children and families there to become self-sustaining. Your sponsored child is an ambassador of change, allowing you to develop a personal connection with our work as you watch him or her grow and thrive.

Through this approach, children and families can enjoy many of the small blessings we take for granted, such as clean water, wholesome food and life-saving healthcare. Even more wonderfully, you will see whole communities break free from the harsh realities of poverty!

In short, when you sponsor a child, you are rewriting the story of a child in need, replacing the darkness of poverty with the light of hope. And best of all, every child sponsored means another nine children will be blessed. Won’t you start this journey today?

Change a child's life. Sponsor a child today!


Stories of Change in Action

So what’s life like for the children, families and communities whose lives have been transformed through the support of child sponsors? And what does the future hold for them?

To answer these questions, let’s take a journey through Africa and Asia, and watch the stories unfold!

Child Sponsorship help children get the necessary medical treatment and access to medical facilities.
Giving Sébastien a hand up

Sébastien, 8, is a sponsored child. A week before the 2014 school year, he fell and broke his arm while climbing a tree. “I took him to the hospital, where we learned that two bones in his right forearm were shattered,” said Ndaya, his mother.

Sébastien’s family could not afford the 65,000 Congolese francs (72 US dollars) needed to treat him. He risked losing his lower arm.

Ndaya took Sébastien to World Vision staff. “I don’t know what would have happened to my son if he was not sponsored. They agreed to take charge of his medical care,” she says.

Three months after his successful operation, Sébastien returned to the hospital to remove the supports on his arm. “The doctor told me not to hurt myself again,” said Sébastien with a shy smile. He is now back in school.


World Vision Malaysia collaborates with communities to improve nutrition and education through Child Sponsorship.
A growing garden saves lives

Kodenu lives in northwest DRC. She is part of a food security association comprising mothers of sponsored children. Before joining, two of her children tragically lost their lives to malnutrition, and none of them got a proper education.

Things are different now. “I am a happy woman; my children are healthy and go to school regularly.” She is married with five children, including sponsored sons Pascal, 12 and Charles, 8.

World Vision is collaborating with the community to improve nutrition and education. Through the food security association Kodenu has acquired knowledge on balanced diets for infants, child feeding and gardening.

“I lost two children because I lacked knowledge,” she says. But now, with her small garden, she can feed her children and make an income.


By sponsoring a child, you're giving children in the community an access to excellent education.
A letter from a happy student

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Honesime Mizi Mwangufu, I am 11 and I live with my parents and three brothers. I am a student in grade 6 at Sainte Monique primary school.

I thank World Vision for building and equipping five classrooms, a meeting room, an office and a block of eight latrines with a water tank for my school. This has helped improve our learning conditions.

To improve our knowledge of literacy and numeracy, we received a lot of school books. Today we're in good condition and school fees have not changed in spite of the construction. I'm happy!

Thank you for everything you are doing for us.

Honesime Mizi Mwangufu


Clean water saves the lives of many, improving health and reducing overall healthcare costs.
A stream of life

Water gives life, but the never-ending task of fetching it from a stream half a kilometre away stole huge chunks of Wian’s days. “I felt very tired fetching water,” says the 10-year-old, “but I had to because my parents were working all day on the farm.”

Drinking unclean water often left Wian too ill to go to school. Likewise, her family members were frequently sick, forcing her parents to rack up debt due to borrowing money for medicine.

Those days are gone, however, thanks to a World Vision project that installed six community taps in Wian’s village, bringing in a fresh stream of clean water. “I don’t have to walk a long way for water anymore,” Wian says happily. “I have more time for studies and to help with other chores.”

Clean water has also given the other villagers a new lease of life, improving their health and reducing their healthcare costs. The village’s deputy chief sums it up: “Our village is very different from a few years ago!”


Child Sponsorship helps children thrive in their communities by teaching the necessary life skills.
Miracles in a pond

Pek, 12, is a sponsored child in Thailand. He wants to be a computer programmer. With both parents absent from his life, it’s up to grandparents Buachan and Sanan to support him.

“Pek is very shy. He likes to study and is diligent with housework,” says Buachan, who used to fear her grandson wouldn’t be able to continue his education. Barely able to get by, Buachan often prayed for a miracle to make ends meet.

It came not long after Pek became a sponsored child.

Thanks to his sponsor, Pek’s family soon had a pond teeming with fish as well as a frog breeding pond. Now, they can afford Pek’s school expenses. “I’m very much happier,” says a beaming Buachan, who also tends their thriving longan orchard.

“I believe you are a very kind person. I wish you good health,” says Pek in gratitude to his sponsor.


These are just a few of the miracles taking place every day, all possible because there are people who care. Won’t you start this journey today?

Be a Child Sponsor


What you will receive on your sponsorship journey
A Welcome Pack introducing your child is given when you sponsor a child through World Vision.
A Welcome Pack introducing
your sponsored child.
Sponsors can communicate with their sponsored child through emails or letters, translated by World Vision.
Opportunities to connect through
letter writing/email and visiting
your sponsored child.
You will have access to our newsletter, progress reports and news update provided by World Vision.
Child sponsor newsletters,
annual child progress reports,
annual reviews and email updates/news.