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Help children in Malaysia
Poverty exists everywhere, including right here at home. For the many children in our communities who have little to live on, your donation will give them access to education, nutrition, health care and protection.

Helping at home
The Malaysia Assistance Fund

When it comes to helping those in need, there’s no better place to start than at home. The Malaysia Assistance Fund aims to support children and child-related development work in Malaysia. This includes child rights protection, education, nutrition and health care.

In line with this goal, a key beneficiary of the Malaysia Assistance Fund is World Vision Malaysia’s Community Development Programme in Mukim Tulid, Sabah.


Bringing change to Mukim Tulid, Sabah

Sabah has the highest poverty rate in Malaysia (8.1%)*. To address the pressing needs of Sabah’s poor communities, we worked with local partners to pilot a Community Development Programme in Mukim Tulid.

With a focus on child well-being, we hope to build up the community and partner with them in building a sustainable future. The programme started in 2014 and focuses on:


Education - Children lack proper education facilities, and overall performance is poor. We are working to improve education quality and raise awareness about education.
Health - Children don't have good nutrition and clean water, making them underweight and stunted. Many in the community lack health awareness. We seek to improve the health of children under 12.
Child Protection - Children experience neglect and abuse because of rampant alcoholism. We are working to raise awareness about child protection and rights.
About Mukim Tulid - Location: Daerah Keningau; Population: 8,263 (as of 2008), mainly Kadazandusuns and Muruts; Distance from Kota Kinabalu: About 4 hours by car; Main occupations: Farming, hunting, small scale business, civil service.


Other beneficiaries

Contributions to the Malaysia Assistance Fund also benefit Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled, Dignity for Children Foundation, Malaysian CARE, Good Shepherd Services, Yayasan Sin Chew, Elshaddai Centre Bhd, Fugee School and PACOS Trust.


The difference starts with you!

Poverty and need are all around us, but they aren’t impossible problems. Make a contribution now to bring hope to our children and communities right here in Malaysia.


*Source: The Household Income Survey 2012. Dept of Statistics, Malaysia