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Save Fragile Lives

There are places in the world that are far too dangerous or unstable for us to set up child sponsorship programmes. These are countries where the governments cannot (or will not) act to protect the rights of their people. Children and families living in these contexts face impossible challenges. Basic necessities like food, clean water, education, security and protection from abuse and exploitation seem hopelessly out of reach.

Save Fragile Lives gives you the opportunity to help the world’s most vulnerable by providing for either their immediate or long-term needs. With just RM30 a month, or a one-off donation (open amount), you can bring the light of hope to these dark places.

Save Fragile Lives
Children and families in places like Syria, South Sudan and Eastern DRC are severely deprived of basic necessities for survival due to conflict and instability. Reach out to the world’s most vulnerable with a pledge of RM30 per month or a one-time contribution (open amount).

A lifeline for fragile lives

Through Save Fragile Lives, World Vision extends a lifeline to children and families living in the most dangerous places on earth. Known as ‘fragile contexts’, these are areas where a government cannot or will not act to protect the human rights of its population. These countries are usually weakened by chronic economic and political problems.

Not surprisingly, the people experience unacceptably high maternal and child mortality rates. In addition, they face dangers posed by harmful traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation and early marriage; widespread child exploitation, such as rape and child trafficking; recruitment as child soldiers or as child prostitutes, and so on.

They are also far more likely to be affected by diseases and malnutrition caused by poor hygiene, limited access to water and nutritious food.

By giving to Save Fragile Lives, you will be our partner in protecting some of the world’s most vulnerable people, helping to offer life-saving support and care, as well as rehabilitation and stability in volatile areas.


Where we work


The ongoing conflict in Syria has impacted millions since the conflict escalated in 2011. Many have been displaced and an estimated 12.2 million people are in urgent need of shelter, clean water, health services, food, and employment opportunities.

World Vision is committed to alleviating the suffering and improving the quality of life for refugees and host communities affected by the Syrian Crisis, with an emphasis on children.

Our efforts include:

  • Distributing life-saving supplies like food, water, and hygiene kits
  • Establishing child-friendly spaces to help children deal with trauma, access counselling, and attend remedial classes to catch up on missed school sessions
  • Ensuring that Syrian children and families can buy food, hygiene items, and other essentials
  • Improving water systems and sanitary facilities in schools so that students can enjoy clean water and a healthier environment
South Sudan

South Sudan has been hit with violence and political instability since the country’s independence in 2011. The conflict has interrupted agricultural and economic activities.

More than 2.2 million people have left their homes. Neighbouring countries or safer towns have been unable to cope with refugees. Many families are living in crowded temporary shelters.

Malnutrition and disease are common. Bad harvests, a lack of information about proper feeding, and poor health and nutrition services make it hard for children to survive and grow. Schooling remains a challenge, especially for girls; facilities are often inadequate and qualified teachers rare.

World Vision is helping meet the immediate needs of children and families. Our efforts include:

  • Distributing life-saving supplies like food, emergency shelter, and hygiene kits
  • Building latrines and water wells so that families can enjoy clean water and more sanitary environments
  • Teaching families better ways to achieve health, hygiene, nutrition, and food production so they can protect their children and keep them well-nourished
  • Preventing gender-based violence and working for equal participation of women, men, boys, and girls in community activities
Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Children in the eastern DRC struggle to survive conflict and political instability. Communities live under constant threat of fighting between armed groups. Thousands of families have been forced to leave their homes and take refuge in camps with limited food, water, sanitation, health care, and protection.

Violence against women and girls is widespread and often goes unpunished. The United Nations has named eastern DRC one of the most challenging places to be female.

Our efforts in eastern DRC include:

  • Improving access to water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Providing vocational training to equip people in finding a source of income
  • Teaching farmers updated techniques and delivering agricultural supplies to help families earn an income
  • Initiating child rights and protection activities, especially for young girls

Donate to Save Fragile Lives today

Where is my money going?

The Save Fragile Lives programme works only in the most dangerous and fragile areas in the world to provide protection and a chance of survival for the children who live there. These children face significant danger every single day, with their lives continually at risk from physical abuse and harm, exploitation and general immediate threats from their environment, such as disease and inclement (or harsh) weather.

Funds in support of Save Fragile Lives allow World Vision to respond to urgent needs, providing aid and security for children in the most volatile areas. This includes everything from minimising the risk of rape and murder for children travelling to water supplies, to giving children a voice through Children’s Parliaments, which build up youth leaders and allow them to advocate on issues that affect them.

Save Fragile Lives currently operates in Syria, South Sudan and the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why can't I sponsor a child in these areas?

Save Fragile Lives works in the most dangerous places, where it is extremely difficult and inefficient to establish child sponsorship programmes. Before Save Fragile Lives, World Vision had to rely on inconsistent sources of funding, which prevented the provision of sustained and substantial support to areas most in need of aid.

Am I able to select which fragile state my donations will go to?

In order to optimise the funds raised through Save Fragile Lives, your donations will be channelled to help children and families in the areas we work in based on priority of needs.

Can I make a one-time donation to Save Fragile Lives?

Yes you can! Click here and choose 'One Time' in the Frequency box to make a one-time donation.

How long do I have to commit to the Save Fragile Lives programme if I choose to make a monthly pledge?

Your contributions toward this programme will continue until you notify us to stop. Your monthly pledge will support the provision of immediate relief like food and hygiene kits, as well as projects like education and child protection, in the world’s most dangerous places. As long as these projects are still ongoing, your contribution will continue to make a difference.