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Meet Our 20th Anniversary Ambassadors

Over the years, we've had the privilege of meeting child sponsors, volunteers, donors and partners who share our passion to help children and families break free from poverty. Find out more about some of these amazing individuals and their World Vision journey.


20  Ambassador



01. Rev. Calvin Lim

Pastor, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church,
Petaling Jaya

During a visit to World Vision India,I remember meeting children with HIV/AIDS. When we asked them about their dreams, they stood up and said "I want to be a doctor. I want to be a teacher. I want to be a policeman." They were filled with so much hope; they just lack the opportunity.



02. Dr. Tan Hui Ling

CEO, Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre (OMSMC) and
Bagan Specialist Centre

Dr. Tan Hui Ling has been a child sponsor since 2001, and is the main driving force behind a CSR partnership between the two hospitals and World Vision Malaysia. She believes in love, compassion and the importance of creating a better world for future generations.


03. Mr & Mrs Godwin

Financial Planner and Homemaker, respectively

Mr. and Mrs. Godwin Supramaniam have journeyed with World Vision Malaysia since 1997. "World Vision is a reputable NGO, so we know that our contribution will be used wisely to ensure a child and community have the chance for a brighter future. That is why we have supported the child sponsorship programme for the past 20 years."



04. Staci Tan

Media Planner

Staci Tan has faithfully volunteered for World Vision events such as the 30-Hour Famine for many years. Staci started sponsoring a child on her 25th birthday because she has always aspired to be part of the life of a child in need.



05. Chuan Looi

Founder and Chief Photographer, Yipieyaya Studio

In between his work as an international fashion and celebrity photographer, Chuan Looi has volunteered to help World Vision Malaysia capture stunning images for various campaigns. He has visited World Vision programmes in Vietnam, India, China, Philippines, Laos, and Lebanon.


06. Alvin Yuen

IT Consultant

Alvin Yuen has been a child sponsor for 14 years. He recently visited his sponsored child in the Moises Padilla ADP in the Philippines. "For me, she was just a monthly contribution. But for her, I was the person supporting her family so they could have a better life. I cannot change the world alone. But I can share my story so that more people will realise that they too can make a difference."



07. Elaine Wong

Founder, AlkalifeWater Sdn Bhd

Elaine Wong believes businesses should embrace social responsibility. AlkalifeWater participated in World Vision's Together for Every Child (TFEC) campaign to raise funds for clean water and healthcare. "When corporations step up through corporate social responsibility, they have the power to bring change, community by community.



08. William Lee

Professional Emcee

William offers his time and talent as a regular emcee for the 30-Hour Famine Countdown. "My motivation is to contribute my best at every stage, to spread the word about World Vision's of others.



09. Danny Yap

Business Owner

Danny Yap first became involved in World Vision's work after university, co-sponsoring a child with his friends. Today, Danny sponsors four children on his own. He also volunteers at World Vision events like roadshows and the 30-Hour Famine campaign.



10. Fred Choo

Co-founder, SOUL Society Group

Fred Choo is a firm believer in giving back to society. The SOUL Society Group, renowed for its SOULed OUT restaurant franchise, participated in the Together for Every Child campaign to raise funds for World Vision's water and healthcare projects.



11. Chew Why Hoong

Director, Harta Intan Group of Companies

Mr. Chew hopes to raise more awareness about the needs of those who are socially neglected and rejected by society. Since 2009, Harta Intan Group has collaborated with World Vision Malaysia to organise three charity concerts titled Symphony of Hearts.



12. Dr. Kelvin Thong

Medical Professional

Dr. Thong first joined the 30-Hour Famine campaign in 2007 as a camper, and soon became a long term First Aid volunteer at our 30-Hour Famine Countdown. He hopes to inspire young people to step out of their comfort zones and speak up for those who have been marginalised by society.



13. Joanne Chan

Event Planner

Joanne Chan sponsors six children and has also served as a key volunteer for World Vision's 30-Hour Famine campaign for more than eight years. "I believe that every little contribution can lead to a better and safer world for future generations, so I want to do my part."



14. Ooi Kooi Keat


Ooi Kooi Keat has been a World Vision Malaysia child sponsor for the past ten years and today sponsors 150 children! "I grew up in a small village with limited access to clean water and economic opportunities. But I was fortunate to receive a good education and it lifted me out of poverty. This motivates me to sponsor as many children as possible.



15. Rev. Francis Ho

Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church, Setapak

In 2014, Rev. Ho visited India and saw how World Vision's programmes had impacted the children and their communities. "I was very encouraged by the commitment of the World Vision staff. The programmes were well structured, and the methodology was so simple yet so effective. I believe that we can adapt this in our programmes here in Malaysia.


16. Lai Hon Kong

Workshop Manager

Mr. Lai and his entire family have been child sponsors since 2012. He brought two of his older daughters on Sponsors' Visits to see how sponsorship has changed the lives of children and their families. "My daughters now understand what poverty is and they've learned to appreciate the things around them more.



17. Yise Loo

Singer, Songwriter and Actress

Yise Loo has strongly supported World Vision's and 30-Hour Famine and other fundraising events for the past ten years. She believes that everyone has a role to play in making this world a better place for children. "You can change the life of a child, so why not take that first step?".



18. Lyss Pua


Lyss Pua has been a child sponsor for seven years and sponsors ten children. She frequently writes about World Vision's work on her popular Facebook page. "I really admire the staff working on the frontlines. They need a spirit of perseverance and determination coupled with strength of mind not to give up when the going gets tough; because only then can change take place.



19. Terence Lee

Co-founder and Director, Living Wing Sdn Bhd

Terence has partnered with World Vision Malaysia on many CSR projects since 2009, and his family also sponsors children. "I appreciate World Vision Malaysia's emphasis on accountability, honesty and transparency; that is why I believe that my efforts to give back to society can really make a difference.



20. Sosilla Vadivelo

Bank Officer

Sosilla Vadivelo and her family have sponsored children since 2004 and currently sponsor five. "I've always wanted to get involved in charity work, but was unable to due to work and family commitments. When I heard about World Vision, I was confident that I had found the right group. The best part is being able to see the children you sponsor grow up and achieve so much."