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At World Vision, we serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. In Malaysia, World Vision strives to raise funds and heighten awareness of needs faced by children and communities in the country and worldwide.

In summary, our efforts in 2016 were blessed with the following:

  • 57,074 children from 32 Area Development Programmes in 15 countries are being sponsored by kind-hearted Malaysians; and 
  • 545 Malaysian children and their families in our Tulid Community Development Programme, Sabah are enjoying improved quality of life through our work in education, child protection, economic development and water, sanitation and hygiene projects.
We raise funds for children and communities in four non-Asian countries including South Africa.
World Vision Malaysia strives to help in community transformation in twelve Asian countries including India.

The Life of an Area Development Programme

The planning phase in our Area Development programme is to build trust and laying the groundwork for future projects.
The first phase is to begin our various community improvement projects.
The second phase is to build confidence in the community and improve the lives of the children.
By the final phase of our community projects, we have helped the community and families more self-reliant.