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A parent’s love is a true superpower!


“I want my children to grow up healthy and happy, just like any other child.” – Byambasuren, mother of two from Mongolia

Myangansay and Byambasuren have two children: son Turbold and daughter Tursaihkan. The family lives a simple yet happy life. In the summer, they work together to make cheese products or biscuits as their source of income and in the winter, the parents work in a nearby coal mine. As we interacted with them, it is evident that the family savours every moment they can spend together; they spend most of their free time together, playing Mongolia’s traditional ‘ankle bone’ game.

However, there is more than meets the eye.


Facing hardships as a family

This loving family faces much hardship. Father Myangansay suffers from chronic back pain and cannot work long hours, resulting in unstable household income. His wife Byambasuren is visually and mobility-impaired due to a serious illness she suffered as a child. Both children also suffer from different ailments. Daughter Tursaihkan has various side effects from injuries sustained when her mother was pregnant with her, while son Turbold was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Despite their situation, Myangansay and Byambasuren remain optimistic and passionate about life. All they want is for Turbold and Tursaihkan “to grow up healthy and happy, just like any other child.”


Help parents lift up their families!

This Parents’ Day, as we thank and appreciate the parents in our lives for bringing us up well, we would like to encourage you to spare a thought for parents like Myangansay and Byambasuren who struggle to provide for their children.

Through child sponsorship, you can give parents a helping hand! As a sponsor, you will help fund sustainable development in your sponsored child’s community, equipping parents to better support their families and raise their children to be healthy and happy!


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