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Afghanistan Appeal

More than 18 million people (8.2 million children) in Afghanistan need humanitarian assistance and this number continues to grow.

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Children in Afghanistan are fighting for survival. We need to stand with them now.

On top of a conflict that led to a sudden change of rule, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, as well as great uncertainty about the protection of women and girls, the country is also facing massive food insecurity. Together with the impacts of COVID-19, Afghanistan is now one of the most dangerous and difficult places to be a child. But World Vision staff are on the ground.

World Vision Afghanistan is continuously monitoring the situation and where possible, engaging remotely with those who are affected. We are also working collectively with other national and international NGOs to ensure children are protected and spared from the consequences of conflict, forced displacement and instability.

World Vision aims to support 1 million vulnerable children and their families in Afghanistan affected by the ongoing crises. Help us provide them with life-saving essentials like food, water, sanitation, access to basic healthcare and protection.

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We have been working in Afghanistan for 20 years and we are committed to stay and deliver life-saving support. Staff safety is our priority and we will resume operations when we are sure of a safe and secure access to our programmes.