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Faith for the Future



In 2019, Barna Group partnered with World Vision, a leading voice in global activism with a shared vision of engaging the next generation, to dramatically widen – and focus – the lens with which we view young adults around the world. We interviewed more than 15,000 adults age 18 to 35 in 25 countries and nine languages, asking them about their goals, fears, relationships, routines and beliefs. The aim of these interviews was to generate findings that would help the global Church to better understand 18 to 35 year olds around the world, partnering with them in discipleship and activating them in leadership.

In partnership with Alpha Malaysia, we hosted a forum, Faith for the Future, to release and unpack the largest ever global study of Millennials and their attitudes toward Christianity. The objective of the forum was to share findings from the Barna study and to contextualise it to Malaysia. Through the study, we hope that the local Church has gained a deeper understanding of Millennials and found better ways of engaging and discipling young adults to become resilient Christian leaders in today’s volatile, post-modern culture.


Our Speakers



Daniel Copeland,
Director of Research Services of Barna Group



Mark Sayers,
Senior Leader of Red Church, Melbourne



Pastor Dr Philip Lyn,
Senior Pastor of Skyline SIB


Reverend Gwen Choo


Rev Gwen Choo,
Young Adults Pastor and Life Community Services Overseer of Glad Tidings PJ



Joshua Jesudasan,
Leader of Kuala Lumpur House of Prayer



Pastor Andy Yeoh,
Associate Pastor & Coordinator of Teens of Acts Church






The Connected Generation Southeast Asia Report

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The Connected Generation Global Report

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Faith for the Future Forum recordings and slides

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Learn more about The Connected Generation research by Barna Group.

Please email World Vision Malaysia at [email protected] and/or Alpha Malaysia at [email protected] to find out more about putting the insights into action in your church.