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CHOSEN Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why Chosen?

2. How is Chosen different from current child sponsorship?

3. How are children being empowered through Chosen?

4. How does Chosen work?

5. What is a Choosing Event?

6. What is the age range of participating children? If the child is too young, who will choose for them?

7. Will everyone who signs up be Chosen?

8. Does each child only choose one (1) sponsor?

9. Is any background information provided with my photo?

10. How will I find out who has chosen me and what happens next?


Personal Information (Photo, Contribution Details, Contact Info)


1. What considerations should I make when uploading my photo?

2. What should I include in the photo I upload?

3. How will World Vision use my photo and information?


Sign-Up Options


1. Can I sign up for more than one Chosen sponsorship?

2. Can I sign up for a Chosen sponsorship in my child's name?