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Your contributions can help those in need. Your donations will be channelled to areas like nutrition and education for children and their communities, or help provide disaster relief during emergencies.

30-Hour Famine
Your contribution will be channeled to pre identified ares and projects this year's Famine Fund is committed to support. For the full list of beneficiaries, please visit (Note: General donors are not eligible to attend the Final Famine Countdown)
Nutrition Fund
Your gift will help us to combat child malnutrition, which is the single biggest contributor to child mortality worldwide. The Nutrition Fund focuses on the importance of nutrition and sports interventions for healthy life and growth in children.
Education Fund
Your gift will provide equal basic education opportunities to children, regardless of gender and physical challenges; equipping them socially, economically and emotionally to face challenges ahead.
Save Fragile Lives
Children and families in places like Syria, South Sudan and Eastern DRC are severely deprived of basic necessities for survival due to conflict and instability. Reach out to the world’s most vulnerable with a pledge of RM30 per month or a one-time contribution (open amount).
Help children in Malaysia
Poverty exists everywhere, including right here at home. For the many children in our communities who have little to live on, your donation will give them access to education, nutrition, health care and protection.
South Sudan Refugee Crisis
Your contribution will help meet the needs of refugees fleeing to Uganda to escape the deepening civil war in South Sudan. We provide food and non-food relief items, child protection services, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene and more. If sufficient funding has been raised for this emergency, your donation will be channelled to the next most urgent emergency response.
Water & Healthcare Projects
Wash away the suffering of waterborne diseases and poor sanitation. Give children bright futures by contributing to World Vision Water & Sanitation projects worldwide.
General Humanitarian Emergencies
When a major disaster strikes, World Vision is usually the first in and last out. We are there to provide life-saving aid to survivors and continue with long-term rebuilding and recovery work. Your contributions will be directed to emergency relief efforts where they are most needed, helping us deliver much-needed supplies and resources.
Donate where needed most
Sometimes it can be hard to decide exactly where your money can do the most good. That is why a general donation to World Vision is a great choice. Your gift will be part of a general fund that will be apportioned to support various needs in Malaysia and overseas.