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World Vision’s hope is that every child will enjoy life in all its fullness. And you can empower children born into poverty to achieve just that!

From children’s education to keeping them safe from harm, your giving will have a long term impact and lift them out of poverty.

Click on any of the causes below to discover how you can help.


Three boys are studying thanks to World Vision's efforts in providing them with education.

Education Fund

59 million primary-school-age children are not enrolled in school. Help us address barriers to education and improve the quality of children’s education.
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A boy enjoying clean water thanks to the efforts of World Vision.

Clean Water Fund

Today, 663 million people do not have access to improved water sources, and around 2.4 billion do not use improved sanitation. Help us provide clean water, raise awareness on hygiene and sanitation, and empower communities to manage their water and sanitation facilities.
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A child enjoying a healthy meal while being feed by his mother.

Health & Nutrition Fund

Malnutrition contributes to 45% of under-5 child mortalities by putting children at a greater risk of diseases like diarrhoea. Help us promote health and nutrition practices, improve health services and prevent diseases.
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A mother and her daughter are working on the sewing machine.

Livelihood Fund

More than 700 million worldwide live on less than $1.90 (RM7.75) a day. Help us improve agricultural systems, build business skills and increase access to services like savings groups, ensuring that families have enough food and income to thrive.
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A vulnerable young girl holding hands with another person.

Child Protection Fund

Violence against children affects the most vulnerable girls and boys wherever World Vision works. Help us equip communities to protect and advocate for children, raise awareness on child rights and more.
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A girl smiling at the camera.

Donate where needed most

Sometimes it can be hard to decide exactly where your money can do the most good. That is why a general donation to World Vision is a great choice. Your gift will be part of a general fund that will be apportioned to support various needs in Malaysia and overseas.
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