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30-Hour Famine 2019


5 Myanmar children looking into the camera laughing and smiling widely and happily. The theme for this year's 30-Hour Famine is Kita sama-sama change the world.

World Vision Malaysia's 30-Hour Famine is a global youth movement against hunger and poverty. Participants raise money for those in need by getting sponsored to give up solid food for 30 hours. World Vision also organises various 8-Hour Famine events for children under 12, families and companies. We are so excited to have Azora Chin (尤长靖 You Zhangjing) join us as this year's 30-Hour Famine Ambassador. Kita sama-sama change the world!


World Vision Interventions

All funds raised will go towards World Vision’s community development work in Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, providing children and families in need with livelihoods, health and nutrition, and child protection. Initiatives include:

  • Promote home gardens to increase food sources
  • Improve health through nutrition knowledge
  • Set up Village Saving and Loan Associations
  • Improve access to quality healthcare services
  • Improve community child protection services
  • Give children the opportunity to participate in their community


Local Beneficiaries

Funds will also be channelled towards local beneficiaries, transforming the lives of children in Malaysia through:

  • Health & nutrition, education, livelihood and child protection projects in Mukim Tulid and Tatalaan, Sabah (World Vision's Malaysia Assistance Fund)
  • Healthcare and community development programmes (Dignity for Children Foundation)
  • Healthcare and education projects (Dual Blessing)
  • Health and wellness programme (Fugee School)
  • Community safety projects for vulnerable children in Ipoh (Good Shepherd Services)
  • WeCare-Sponsor-a-child programme (Yayasan Sin Chew)
  • Refugee education expansion project (ElShaddai Centre Bhd)
  • Psychological support services for survivors of child sexual abuse (Protect and Save the Children)

Learn more about 30-Hour Famine at


(General donors are ineligible to attend the Famine Countdown)


30-Hour Famine
Your contribution will be channeled to beneficiaries at home and abroad, helping combat poverty and hunger through sustainable development.