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30-Hour Famine 2017


WORLD VISION’S 30-HOUR FAMINE is a global youth movement against hunger and poverty. Participants raise money by getting sponsored to give up solid food or something they love for 30 hours straight. 

There is also the 8-HOUR KIDZ FAMINE for those aged 12 and below to be able to raise funds and fight hunger in a format suitable for children. 

Contributions to the 30-Hour Famine will support programmes by World Vision and local partners in Malaysia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Democratic Republic of the Congo. These programmes help children and families overcome poverty by improving access to healthcare, nutritious food, clean water, food security and economic opportunity.

These are achieved through:

  • Improving maternal, newborn, child health and nutrition practices; strengthening health services and improving access to healthcare centres
  • Training and improving skills in animal husbandry, livestock raising and veterinary so families can grow income and enjoy economic stability
  • Increasing food production by improving farmers’ knowledge and skills on sustainable crop production techniques
  • Strengthening community-based management of sanitation and hygiene facilities; increasing access to clean water and hygienic latrines
  • Empowering vulnerable children and families through education, training and livelihood initiatives

Learn more about 30-Hour Famine at

(General donors are ineligible to attend the Famine Countdown)


30-Hour Famine
Your contribution will be channeled to pre identified ares and projects this year's Famine Fund is committed to support. For the full list of beneficiaries, please visit (Note: General donors are not eligible to attend the Final Famine Countdown)