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A vulnerable young girl, who can be protected from violence via Child Protection, is holding hands with another person.

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Violence against children remains a critical concern for the most vulnerable girls and boys wherever World Vision works. Children who experience violence are often left with social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual scars that could wreak havoc on their futures.

World Vision looks out for the well-being of children, equipping communities to protect and advocate for children, raising awareness on child rights, and ensuring that children have a voice and role in their communities.

Through your donations, we have been able to protect children from abuse and harm while upholding their rights and freedoms. This allows them to live fulfilling lives and experience a brighter, more secure future.

Safeguarding a child’s right to health, education, family life and play, while equipping communities to advocate for and protect children from violence and abuse, is a neverending effort that we are diligently and vigilantly committed to.


Impact Facts



Empowering Children

We empower children with skills and knowledge on their rights, how to protect themselves and each other. They are also encouraged to participate and supported to communicate opinions, take responsibility and make decisions.



Strengthening Families

We strengthen families and caregivers to be the first line of protection and care for children. We support parents and caregivers through social support networks, economic and social assistance and equip them with positive parenting skills.



Mobilising Communities

We help communities build a safety net to protect children, prevent harm, and ensure those who are harmed get the help they need to recover. Our programmes strengthen laws, norms and circles of care that keep children safe.


How you can contribute to the Child Protection Fund

Give RM35

Your contribution could help 1 child to become aware of child protection and child rights.
Give RM150
(One-time or Monthly)

Your contribution could support the training of core teachers, who would in turn enhance the life skills of 25 children.
Give any amount
(One-time or Monthly)

Your contribution would empower communities to protect their children, increase awareness of child rights and give children a voice and a part to play.

At World Vision, we seek to ensure that all resources entrusted to us are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent programme implementation, World Vision will redirect funds to equally important programmes that help children and families in need.