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Celebrating Chinese New Year by giving hope!


This Chinese New Year, in 2020, new year new hope from the heart!

“When I grow up, I want to be a teacher and help others learn!” – Gloria, 5

The New Year marks a new start, where we leave behind the old year and start anew! That includes cleaning our homes, getting new clothes and more. But a new start isn’t just about new things. It’s about looking inside ourselves, setting new goals and dreaming of a bright future with hope in our hearts.

Gloria and many children like her have big dreams for their future too, dreams that poverty threatens to put out of reach. But an act of kindness straight from your heart can stop poverty in its tracks and give a child a fresh new start!

One way you can do that is by giving an ‘Angpow’ to our Education Fund! Going far in school will give children a head start in achieving their dreams!



You could also sponsor a child today!


Sibiraj wants to be a scientist. Sibiraj with drawings of test tubes, drawn on tie and spectacle.

“I want to become a scientist and make a name for myself and my parents.” – Sibiraj, 10


JiaJia envisions herself as a designer. Drawings of sewing machine and design drafts are surrounding her.

“I want to become a designer when I grow up.” – Jiajia, 12


Seng wants to be a doctor. He is surrounded by drawings of him in a doctor coat and also the human body internal organs.

“In the future, I want to be a doctor to treat my parents and people in my village.” – Seng, 6


Each of these children has a goal for the future, and with the help of their child sponsors, they’re on their way to achieving them!

By sponsoring a child from just RM65 a month, you will help a child to rise above poverty and reach for their dreams. Give children a future filled with hope now!


Sponsor a child today