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Education Fund
Your gift will provide equal basic education opportunities to children, regardless of gender and physical challenges; equipping them socially, economically and emotionally to face challenges ahead.


Fern’s parents had one dream for her - to receive a higher education. But they could not afford it. Fern, now in her 20s, came from a low-income family in rural Thailand and she grew up tending to her parents’ farm. Through the support of World Vision and her own hard work, Fern is now a graduate from Sirindhorn College of Public Health in Thailand and is currently working as a dentist. She has plans to return to her hometown to serve at the nearby hospital.


Education has given Fern the opportunity to write her own future

World Vision’s work in education produces life-changing opportunities for children like Fern. Every child deserves to be able to read and write, enjoy safe and healthy learning environments and make informed decisions that impact their lives.

We are currently looking to raise RM1.138 million to support education projects in Kapur and Mae Sariang Area Development Programmes (ADP), Thailand. Your donation will help provide basic education opportunities to children, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender and physical disabilities; equipping them socially, economically and emotionally to face life’s challenges ahead.


The current situation in Kapur and Mae Sariang ADPs

Most parents in Kapur work as farmers and day labourers for a living. With their long work hours, they do not spend enough time with their children, leaving them under the influence of their peers. These children run the risk of losing interest in their studies, becoming school dropouts or being involved in early pregnancies; thus affecting their future. The lack of goals and life skills also affect their ability to thrive.

Communities in Mae Sariang live in remote areas, making it difficult and time-consuming for children to travel to school. Owing to poverty, many parents cannot afford education for their children, with many dropping out of school to work. Existing schools are not equipped with trained personnel and appropriate learning material. With families lacking in education, health awareness and life skill training, children are often not properly cared for and social problems among youths is prevalent.