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A mother and her daughter are working with their sewing machine with the caption: Livelihood.

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More than 700 million people worldwide are living on less than $1.90 (RM7.75) a day. And with so little to live on, even providing for their children’s most basic needs is a daunting task.

World Vision works to equip families with the skills and tools to increase their livelihood income and become more resilient. By helping to improve agricultural systems, build up business skills, and increase access to financial services like savings groups, we ensure that families have food and income not just to survive, but thrive.


Impact facts

In 2016, World Vision Malaysia was able to achieve the following with help from our supporters:

1,380 farmers now use improved cultivation and farming techniques such as post-harvest storage, pest control and crop rotation.


1,321 savings groups have been established, with 13,235 households as members.


How you can contribute to the Livelihood Fund

Give RM35

Your contribution could help 1 person cultivate saving habits through savings groups.
Give RM150
(One-time or Monthly)

Your contribution could help 2 farmers to improve their land cultivation techniques and increase their harvests.
Give any amount
(One-time or Monthly)

Your contribution would equip families to improve their livelihoods and provide for the needs of their children through better harvests and financial services.

At World Vision, we seek to ensure that all resources entrusted to us are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent programme implementation, World Vision will redirect funds to equally important programmes that help children and families in need.