Children worldwide are in danger.


Sometimes it comes in the form of conflicts and natural disasters. But even in ‘safe’ places like homes, schools and neighbourhoods, dangers like violence, abuse and exploitation stalk children quietly, often coming from the people they’re closest to. For a child in danger, one thought may come to mind:




But where can they run to? Can they trust those around them to have their best interests at heart? When will they feel safe again? Danger often leaves children traumatised and anxious.


Breana knows this too well. Just six when Typhoon Haiyan struck her community in the Philippines in 2013, the memories still haunt her:

Breana gazes off into the distance and recalls past memories of a typhoon.


“I remember my family and I running to higher ground to save ourselves from the strong winds,” says Breana. Even after the typhoon, her ordeal wasn’t over.


“I got used to seeing dead bodies on the streets or floating near shore,” says Breana. “I ate expired food to relieve my hunger.” She even cried when it drizzled. “I was anxious and didn’t know I was feeling traumatised.”


Ten years on, Breana has noticed adverse changes in her community. “After Haiyan, our community was never the same. Now we always get flooded because of typhoons. My family has moved out many times because of flooding.”

Hearing about children like Breana likely stirs in us a desire to help. We can’t all physically be where children are most in danger. But even where we are, we can:


A graphic with words saying reach out to shield children from harm.
A graphic with words saying equip them to recognise danger and protect themselves.
A graphic with words saying help them run towards a future free of fear.


Ready to make a move? We invite you to be a part of World Vision’s Run for Children 2024!



Be a Child’s Protector!


At this 7km run, you’ll hit the streets to defend children – like the one on your runner’s bib – from a world that’s becoming more dangerous. There will also be a child-friendly 2km fun run, so young runners can join in too!


Run proceeds will go to World Vision’s Advocacy Fund, in support of our global child protection efforts. We want to empower children to know and exercise their rights, so they can protect themselves and each other. We will also strengthen families and communities to build a safe environment for children.


In addition, we want to help children living in places that are too dangerous for regular community development work, giving them access to food, education, protection and more.

Here’s how World Vision helped Breana, and how her community became a safer place:


Breana gazes on the horizon with a text in quotes saying World Vision provided a space for us children... It meant so much to me.


“World Vision was the first organisation that reached our community. They provided a space for us children... this tent where we could just have fun. It meant so much to me and helped me a lot,” Breana shares.


The lessons of Typhoon Haiyan have stuck with Breana’s community ten years on. “In the past, our community ignored preparedness when typhoons or other calamities happened, but now, people are more responsible,” she says. “At school, I have noticed more signs pointing to where we can go when there’s a calamity.”


Breana is hopeful that a safer world is possible: “To all the leaders from different places, I hope [they] can help us children to have a good, safe environment.”

Are you ready to protect children and empower them to protect themselves?

See you at the starting line as we run to their rescue!



 How The Run Works


A graphic of a mobile phone and tablet with a check mark positioned over them with words saying 1. Register - RM70 per paticipant. Sign up as an individual or register with your friends and family! Participants under 18 need their parents'/guardians' permission.
A graphic of a race bib with a picture of a child with words saying 2. Get paired with a child. At Run for Children 2024, you’ll be running to defend a child – the one on your runner’s bib!
Items that runners will receive such as a reusable bag, medal, and t-shirt. There are words saying 3. Collect your Runner's Kit. Date: 11 to 14 July 2024 (Thursday to Sunday)
Time: 10am-10pm
Venue: Sunway Velocity Mall, Kuala Lumpur
Lot F2-53, Second Floor, (In Front - F.O.S)
A graphic of people running in front of a backdrop of Kuala Lumpur with the date 21 July displayed on a calendar. There are words saying 4. You're ready to run. On 21 July 2024, head to Dataran DBKL and join thousands of like-minded changemakers as you run, jog or walk on your chosen route. There will be World Vision booths and activities to look forward to, and you can also participate at stations during the run to redeem a mystery gift!
A graphic of a tablet displaying a picture of a runner posing with their race bib. There are words saying 5. Share on social media. Upload a photo of yourself with your runner’s bib with the hashtag #RunForChildren and tag us at @worldvisionmsia on Instagram or @World Vision Malaysia on Facebook.
A graphic of a person holding the hand of a child with symbols representing healthcare, education, water, food, and more. There are words saying 6. Take it a step further. Through World Vision's Child Sponsorship Programme  you can continue to safeguard children and help them live a life free of fear.

If you’d like to sponsor the child on your runner’s bib, please WhatsApp us at 010-2586337. Alternatively, you can sponsor a child here!
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