Help Children Leap Ahead with the Power of Learning!


Over the last two years or so, the dark cloud of COVID-19 has been receding, allowing us to rapidly readjust to pre-pandemic life. As we usher in 2023, we hope that every one of us can move forward, filled with new hope and the confidence to leap over any fresh challenges we face!


While we’re celebrating, let’s help vulnerable children overcome their obstacles too!


A good education can help vulnerable children break the shackles of poverty. By going to school, children gain knowledge and skills that will give them a real head start in their lives and careers. However, poverty also erects all kinds of barriers – like poor nutrition, a lack of school supplies, and lacklustre educational facilities – that children must overcome in order to learn.



Prior to COVID-19, the world was already facing a learning crisis. Nearly 6 out of 10 children in developing countries could not read and understand a simple written story.1



At least 463 million students around the globe remain cut off from education due to a lack of remote learning policies and equipment.2



More than 1.5 billion students and youths worldwide have been affected by school and university closures due to COVID-19.3



In low-income countries, just one in five children has access to pre-school.4



As you can see, COVID-19 has set back years of global progress in education, pushing more vulnerable children into child labour or child marriage. But this is NOT irreversible!


As we celebrate the Lunar New Year and International Day of Education (which falls on 24 January), bless children in need and inspire them to go further by giving an ‘Angpow’ for Education! It will be a wonderful New Year’s gift for children who love to learn. Alternatively, sponsor a child with World Vision and give a boy or girl education, proper nutrition, clean water and much more.


This New Year, be the reason a child can leap ahead through learning!



World Vision wishes you and your family a very joyful New Year!


4 World Bank

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