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World Vision Malaysia's Disclaimer & Alert on Fraud Cases On Third Party Fundraising 

Please be aware of suspicious emails or phone calls that solicit funds or personal information. 
If you have received such fraudulent calls or emails and you would like to check the authenticity of this call, please contact World Vision Malaysia directly at +603-7880 6414.

Do scroll down to read more on the different methods used:


Email Fraud

Example One

Title fo Email: "Better World Vision"

This is a scam email from "World Vision Foundation" focusing on 'selection of chosen ambassadors' to receive 'funds and support from the World Bank Group'.

Please click here for confirmation on the scam.


Example Two

Title of Email: "Charities That Thank You for Your Donation"

We have learned of a malicious and erroneous email that has been circulating with various subject lines, one of which is "Charities That Thank You for Your Donation." The author of this email attacks a number of charities, raising questions & making assertions about how donations are being used.

We are particularly concerned that our generous and faithful supporters will believe these fabricated rumours and will stop supporting the life-saving work we do for children & communities.

We ask for your assistance to help stop the circulation of misinformation. If you receive this false viral email, please do not forward it & share the truth instead.

WVM's Response to Email Fraud

All of the allegations made about World Vision Canada's president and CEO Dave Toycen, and the organization's use of funds are completely false and unfounded.

Accountability in the use of funds and transparency to our donors are among our core values and they are taken very seriously at World Vision. We are transparent with our operations, which can be supported by:

  • clear disclosure of financial information and programme facts (Please click here to read World Vision Malaysia's Annual Reports)
  • information about policies, reporting and control mechanism

World Vision is also committed to fair and reasonable compensation levels. Mr. Toycen's salary is $184,000 per year and he is responsible for a $400 million organization with more than 500 employees across the country. His compensation falls well below industry standards and below that of some much smaller organizations within the charitable sector.

Mr. Toycen does not live in a $700,000-$800,000 home and he has not received housing allowances of any kind. He has lived in the same house outside of Toronto for more than 20 years.

As a Christian and a strong steward of donor funds, Dave Toycen demonstrates his personal integrity by travelling economy class. He does not receive paid holiday travel or lodging. He does not receive a premium benefits package nor does he use the most cutting edge technology. Lastly, Mr. Toycen has not received any special benefits for his two adult children.

As an organization, World Vision's goal is to help as many people as possible and ensure that donors money are used wisely and efficiently. We are pleased to tell you that, for World Vision Malaysia, the fiscal year 2014, 85% of our total income was used for programs that combat poverty and help children and communities in need.

We ask for your assistance to help stop the circulation of misinformation. If you receive this false viral email, please do not forward it and share the truth instead. Also help us isolate the source of these emails if you can. We hope the enclosed document will correct circulating misinformation and that our donors/sponsors will help World Vision address these un-truths by forwarding it to your friends who may come across the same e-mail.

We have also been monitoring the social media world, sending in correct information. A renowned 3rd party website dedicated to debunking myths has indicated that information related to World Vision Canada is inaccurate.

These deceptive rumours can be very damaging to World Vision's reputation, hindering the orgnization from focusing on the relief, development and advocacy work we do in bringing a brighter future to the most vulnerable children and families around the world. Do click here to read more on the issues and World Vision's stand on salaries. Thank you.


Example Three

Title of Email: 'Your winning notification from worldvision Raffle centre!!!'

This is a scam email focusing on the 2005 Tsunami Disaster Relief. Do not click or to be respond to this email.

Please click here to read the official statement from World Vision UK.


Fraudulent Solicitation of Banking Information

Please DO NOT provide your personal and bank details should you receive a phone call or email claiming that you have won a cash prize from World Vision and requests your bank account information, so that the prize money can be banked directly to your account.

It has come to our attention that certain parties have been using the World Vision name to solicit personal banking information from our sponsors / donors. If you receive any such calls or emails, please alert World Vision Malaysia immediately.


Third-Party Fund-Raising

Please be informed that World Vision Malaysia does not engage any third-party organisations to undertake fund-raising or Child Sponsorship activities on its behalf. It has come to our attention that some third-party organisations have been using World Vision's logo and Child Sponsorship print materials for fund-raising purposes. Donors or Supporters are requested to contact World Vision Malaysia directly if in doubt.

Example One

We have also taken note of the news of 3 Filipino ladies who use World Vision's name to fundraise on 20 March 2012 at Miri, Sarawak. These women are NOT engaged by World Vision thus it's an act of fraudulence.

Example Two

At the end of 2012, a man was seeking for donation in the name of World Vision in Klang, Selangor. This man does NOT represent World Vision at all.


Phone Fraud

World Vision would like to alert our child sponsors of possible telephone calls from individuals who claim that their sponsored child/children are in need of medical attention and request the child sponsor(s) to assist financially. The individuals would ask sponsor(s) to bank money into a certain account. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A FRAUDULENT ACT.

World Vision does not solicit or demand contributions or funds our child sponsors in this manner. Furthermore, sponsored children and their families are not allowed to approach sponsors directly for supplementary financial support.

If you have received such fraudulent calls or if you would like to check the authenticity of an appeal, please contact World Vision Malaysia directly.