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World Vision Malaysia is thankful to these individuals who are passionate about helping the poor and have offered their time, resources and voices.


Our World Vision Malaysia Ambassador

WVM Ambassador - Lee Sinje

Lee Sinje

An award-winning film actress and producer, Alor Setar-born Lee Sinje has been a dedicated partner of World Vision and passionate advocate of vulnerable children.

First joining hands with World Vision in 2002, she is currently sponsoring 21 children from 13 countries, spanning across 2 continents. She has also visited World Vision’s projects in India, Kenya, Lesotho, Mongolia, Mozambique, Taiwan and the Philippines. Working alongside World Vision, Sinje is committed to shed light on the importance of child well-being and the pressing needs of vulnerable children, especially those living in some of the most fragile places on Earth.

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Our Child Sponsorship Ambassador

Francissca Peter

Francissca Peter

With more than 20 No.1 hits, five platinum albums and two gold discs under her belt, veteran singer-songwriter Francissca Peter is a musical juggernaut in the Malaysian entertainment scene.

A staunch supporter of World Vision and its work, Francissca has been World Vision Malaysia’s Child Sponsorship Ambassador since 2006. She has travelled to India in the past to meet her sponsored child and to see the work that World Vision is doing among communities in the Kangayam and Arpana Area Development Programmes. Today, Francissca sponsors a child from Indonesia.

Francissca has also generously lent her voice and musical talent to several World Vision Malaysia theme songs. Among them are “Open the World” in 2018, World Vision Malaysia’s 15th Anniversary theme song “It Starts with Me” and the organisation’s 10th Anniversary theme song “Tomorrow”.

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Our Advocate for Child Protection

Deborah Henry

Deborah Henry’s passion lies with human rights advocacy and sustainable development, with a long-term goal to eradicate poverty. A former beauty queen who holds the titles of Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 and Miss Malaysia World 2007, Deborah is a firm believer that every child has the right to be cared for, protected, healthy and educated.

Deborah was appointed World Vision Malaysia’s Child Rights Advocate in 2007. She has visited communities that World Vision works with in India, Myanmar and Brazil to understand firsthand the issues of children’s rights, nutrition and health. She also organised a personal fundraiser to support Syrian children and families after visiting tented refugee communities in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.

Today, Deborah is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to speaking out for voiceless communities. She is the co-founder of The Fugee School, a non-profit organisation that works with refugee children, helping them realise their potential by equipping them with academic, vocational and life skills. Deborah is also a child sponsor with World Vision and was appointed an Advocate for Child Protection with World Vision Malaysia in 2020.


Our Advocate for Education

Owen Yap

Owen Yap is one of Malaysia’s most sought-after media personalities. His illustrious career has seen him take on many roles, including television host, emcee, actor, lecturer and model. Driven by the desire to give back to society, Owen uses his time and talent to support charitable causes he believes in.

Owen’s journey with World Vision Malaysia began when he emceed at the 30-Hour Famine advocacy-cum-fundraising campaign. Over the years, his partnership with the organisation has expanded. In 2017, Owen was appointed the Spokesperson for World Vision Malaysia’s “Changing 6,000 Lives in 200 Days” Child Sponsorship Campaign. In the same year, he travelled to India to meet one of his sponsored children, and to witness firsthand the community development work World Vision is doing in the community of Moradabad.

Owen was appointed an Advocate for Education with World Vision Malaysia in 2020.


Our Advocate for Health & Nutrition

Phoebe Yap

Phoebe Yap

With the ability to converse in multiple dialects, topped off with a bright and engaging personality, Phoebe Yap is a familiar face among Malaysia’s Chinese-speaking audience. Starting out as a singer, her career has expanded over the years to include roles such as music producer, television host, emcee and brand spokesperson. She is also one of the most recognised voices on Malaysia’s radio waves, having been a host for over a decade for Astro’s MY Radio and MELODY Radio.

An avid fitness enthusiast, Phoebe recently shifted to becoming a yoga instructor, raising awareness about health and well-being. She was appointed to be the 1Malaysia Health Ambassador back in 2012.

Phoebe has been a long-time supporter of World Vision and the 30-Hour Famine, the organisation’s advocacy-cum-fundraising campaign. In the past, she has travelled to Indonesia and Lesotho to visit World Vision’s projects, using her platform to become the voice of the communities she met.

In 2018, Phoebe was the Spokesperson for World Vision Malaysia’s Child Sponsorship Programme. She was appointed an Advocate for Health & Nutrition with World Vision Malaysia in 2020.


Our Advocate for Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

Freda Liu

Communicator extraordinaire Freda Liu's career covers the entire gamut of communications – from broadcasting to print to consultancy.

Currently a host with BFM Radio's “Enterprise” and “Her Vantage”, she recently won the ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards for Malaysia Startup Journalist of the Year and was a nominee for MaGIC's Social Enterprise Journalist. Freda is a member of the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEM) and Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS).

In spite of her impressive portfolio and hectic schedule, Freda has always had a heart for the underprivileged. She first signed on as a child sponsor with World Vision Malaysia in 2000 and now sponsors a total of five children in China, India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. She was appointed an Advocate for Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) with World Vision Malaysia in 2020.


Our Advocate for Livelihood

Henry Yip

Datuk Henry Yip

Datuk Henry Yip is the Chief Executive Officer of Dragon-i Restaurant Sdn Bhd, a vastly successful restaurant chain inspired by the diverse culinary offerings of China.

Datuk Yip began his career in Information Technology, working for 12 years with Sime Darby, before taking the leap of faith to venture into the food & beverage industry. Known as an entrepreneur who propels his business with innovative ideas, he has accumulated many accolades over the year, such as the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2011 and Junior Chamber International’s (JCI) Outstanding Young Malaysian Award in 2011. In 2016, he was awarded a special mention in the Male Entrepreneur of the Year category at the Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) 2016. In addition, Datuk Yip is the Vice President of the Hong Kong-Malaysia Business Association and a member of the Malaysia Retail Chain Association.

Dragon-i has been a supporter of World Vision’s work since 2011. In 2020, Datuk Yip was appointed as an Advocate for Livelihood with World Vision Malaysia.


30-Hour Famine Ambassador Year 2020 & 2021

Eric Chou is World Vision Malaysia's 30-Hour Famine Ambassador for two years in a row, 2020 and 2021!

Eric Chou

Eric Chou is a Taipei-based singer-songwriter known for his self-penned hits and soulful vocals. His debut song The Distance of Love was a breakout hit in 2014. With the release of his second album and another hit song in 2016, Eric was honoured by KKBOX as one of the “Top 10 Artists of the Year”, making him the youngest recipient in the award’s history. He was again awarded in 2019. To date, the bilingual star has six albums, at least 10 hit songs with more than 700 million views in total on YouTube, held concerts in various Asian cities, appeared on reality TV shows and collaborated with multiple big brands.

Asia’s new King of Mandopop has captured the hearts of many due to his dedication to his craft. As World Vision Malaysia’s 30-Hour Famine Ambassador in 2020 and 2021, Eric will use his voice to share his vision of a better life for vulnerable children and encourage people to join him as they turn their shared vision into reality!

30-Hour Famine Ambassador Year 2019

Azora Chin (尤长靖 You Zhangjing)

25-year-old Mandopop singer Azora Chin hails from Johor, Malaysia, and is a graduate in music from the Nanjing University of the Arts. In 2018, Azora took part in the popular China reality show “Idol Producer”, and became a member of the Mandopop group “NINE PERCENT” after placing 9th.

Since Azora’s debut, his music has released to positive critical reception, and he is a spokesperson for a number of brands in China and other regions. His star power and popularity are undeniable.

The young and talented Azora Chin has a loving heart and is a role model for young people. As World Vision Malaysia's 2019 30-Hour Famine Ambassador, he will walk the talk, motivating more young people to put love into action and make the world a better place.

30-Hour Famine Ambassador Year 2018


Moving and inspiring the hearts of many, G.E.M. is a Shanghai-born multi-instrumentalist and multilingual star who stepped into the spotlight in 2008 and is now based in Hong Kong. She is one of China’s top-selling female artists, with multiple awards to her name. In 2016 , she won an MTV Europe Music Award, was named ‘Asian Artist of the Year’ by Billboard and was honored by Forbes magazine as one of their ‘30 under 30’ music artists.

In 2018 G.E.M. travelled with World Vision Malaysia to our local Community Development Programme in Tulid, Sabah to understand the needs of its people and the challenges they face. G.E.M came away with a deep sense of thankfulness and appreciation for the basics of life we take for granted. She hopes to use her voice to encourage more people to participate in meaningful causes.

30-Hour Famine Ambassador Year 2017

Rachel Liang

From humble beginnings, Rachel Liang Wen Yin has risen to become a successful Taiwanese Mandopop singer. In 2013, she clinched the prestigious Most Popular Female Artiste and Most Popular Newcomer awards at the 15th Singapore Hit Awards. Rachel has released 1 EP and 5 albums to date.

Rachel is an aborigine of Taiwan’s Rukai tribe and, having lost both her parents at a young age, lived in an orphanage for 7 years with her younger brother. While at the orphanage, she discovered God and learned how to open her heart to love. As she plays the role of World Vision Malaysia’s 30-Hour Famine Ambassador 2017, Rachel hopes to share her faith and express her thoughts through her songs while encouraging the younger generation to participate in meaningful causes.

30-Hour Famine Ambassador Year 2016

Gary Chaw

Loved for his engaging stage presence, wide vocal range and rich voice is Malaysian born Gary Chaw. He is also known as Cao Ge. The Taiwan based singer-songwriter won Best Mandarin Male Singer at the 19th Golden Melody Awards in 2008 and his Mandarin version of Karyn White’s “Superwoman” was a breakout hit. Gary Chaw is married to Wu Sou Ling and they have 2 children together.

Gary was appointed the 30-Hour Famine Ambassador in 2016, and when asked to share his thoughts as the ambassador, he commented that “The 30-Hour Famine is a meaningful campaign that gives young people the platform to do something about social inequality. I am both honoured and humbled.” Gary also generously decided to sponsor 50 children with World Vision Malaysia.

30-Hour Famine Ambassador Year 2015

Penny Tai

Since moving to Taiwan to pursue a singing career in 1999, local lass turned pop sensation Penny Tai now wears many hats: singer, songwriter and music producer. As the 30-Hour Famine 2015 Ambassador, Penny visited one of the Famine’s local beneficiaries: the Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled. There, Penny learnt more about the needs of the disabled and taught residents the importance of nutrition and good health. She cooked nutritious porridge for the residents, taught them simple exercises, and sang to the delight of all present. According to Penny, “We need to take the initiative in sharing important messages, such as the fact that hunger is the top cause of death worldwide, or that clean water and proper sanitation is crucial to a child’s growth."

30-Hour Famine Ambassador Year 2014

Van Ness Wu

Truly a man of many talents, Van Ness Wu is a singer, director and producer in Taiwan. He was also formerly part of the popular boy band F4, who entered the Taiwanese showbiz scene in 2001. As the 30-Hour Famine Ambassador 2014, Van Ness travelled with World Vision Malaysia to their very first local community development project in Tulid, Sabah, to understand the needs of the community and the challenges of setting up a community development project. He also learnt how funds raised by the 30-Hour Famine will benefit the Tulid community. At the Famine Countdown event, Van Ness fasted alongside the participants, beginning his fast on 19 July like most and extending it till 21 July, making it a total of 72 hours of fast! In light of the devastating incident of MH17, Van Ness took time to remember and pray for our nation.

30-Hour Famine Ambassador Year 2013

Christine Fan

Since her debut in 2000, Christine Fan, more commonly known as FanFan, has produced 11 albums. Aside from her career in the entertainment industry, she is actively involved in various charity works. Together with her husband Blackie, they co-founded the Love Life campaign to inspire and motivate youths in Taiwan through the life stories of teenagers living with cancer.

Christine is a long-time supporter of World Vision Taiwan and has travelled to remote areas to care for underprivileged children. In 2004, she was Taiwan’s 30-Hour Famine Ambassador and travelled to Afghanistan to visit children of war. Subsequently, she served as Famine Ambassador for 10 consecutive years, sharing her experience in Afghanistan and contributing her talents at Famine Countdown events to motivate famine fighters.