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World Vision Malaysia is thankful to these individuals who are passionate about helping the poor and have offered their time, resources and voices.


Our Celebrity Ambassadors

Francissca Peter

As a Malaysian singer-songwriter, Francissca Peter has had over 20 No. 1 hits and was previously awarded “Best Female Vocalist”. Francissca is a Child Sponsor of two children from India and Indonesia and has been appointed World Vision Malaysia’s Child Sponsorship Ambassador since year 2006. She has travelled to India to meet her sponsored child as well as to see the work that World Vision is doing. She composed and sang World Vision Malaysia’s 15th Anniversary theme song “It Starts with Me”. She also sang our 10th Anniversary theme song “Tomorrow”. Francissca has been very supportive of our work and has participated in the yearly 30-Hour Famine event for many years.


Crystal Lee

Malaysia’s very own Crystal Lee has been appointed World Vision Malaysia’s Ambassador for the ‘Open Up Your World’ campaign in 2013. Taking on her new role, Crystal signed up as World Vision’s Child Sponsor. Today, she is sponsoring two children from Vietnam. She has personally travelled to meet her sponsored children and shared about her experience in Vietnam. Crystal has also been very supportive of our work against hunger, as she took on the role as spokesperson for our 8-Hour Kids Famine in 2014.


Our Supporting Celebrity

Lee Sinje

Also known as an award-winning film actress, Lee Sinje, has been a dedicated supporter and advocate for World Vision. First introduced to World Vision in 2002, she is now a proud Child Sponsor of 21 children from various continents. She has visited World Vision’s projects in Taiwan, Kenya, Mongolia, India, Mozambique, Lesotho and the Philippines. Through these exposure trips, she has devoted more time to advocate for HIV/AIDS as well as child welfare. Sinje’s contribution to World Vision stretches across different countries in the Asian continent – she is appointed World Vision Malaysia’s Child Sponsorship Ambassador as well as World Vision Advocate for HIV/AIDS in Hong Kong/ China. Sinje is also very passionate about helping underprivileged children in Hong Kong and Malaysia. She along with her close friends in the entertainment business has set up the Hope Education Foundation.


Our Child Rights Advocate

Deborah Henry

When Deborah Henry visited Brazil in her capacity as Miss Malaysia Universe 2011, she combined her passion as a champion for children’s right with her mission to promote Malaysia. While in Brazil, she visited a Street Girls Project undertaken by World Vision Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. The visit deepened her understanding of the multi-faceted nature of this social issue. Since then, with a passionate belief in, and advocate for, the right for children to be cared for, protected, healthy and educated, Deborah has immersed herself deeply in the issue, speaking out for this young and voiceless community. Deborah has been appointed World Vision Malaysia Child’s Rights Advocate in 2007. She has visited urban poor communities in India and understand first-hand the issues of children’s rights, nutrition and health. She has also visited a World Vision drop-in center for street and working children in Myanmar where she interacted with the children. Today, she is a Child Sponsor of two children from India and China. In her personal capacity, Deborah is the founder of The Fugee School, a non-profit fund that seeks to work with children living in difficult circumstances, by supporting education and self-development initiatives.


30-Hour Famine Ambassador Year 2015

Penny Tai

Since moving to Taiwan to pursue a singing career in 1999, local lass turned pop sensation Penny Tai now wears many hats: singer, songwriter and music producer. As the 30-Hour Famine 2015 Ambassador, Penny visited one of the Famine’s local beneficiaries: the Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled. There, Penny learnt more about the needs of the disabled and taught residents the importance of nutrition and good health. She cooked nutritious porridge for the residents, taught them simple exercises, and sang to the delight of all present. According to Penny, “We need to take the initiative in sharing important messages, such as the fact that hunger is the top cause of death worldwide, or that clean water and proper sanitation is crucial to a child’s growth.

30-Hour Famine Ambassador Year 2014

Van Ness Wu

Truly a man of many talents, Van Ness Wu is a singer, director and producer in Taiwan. He was also formerly part of the popular boy band F4, who entered the Taiwanese showbiz scene in 2001. As the 30-Hour Famine Ambassador 2014, Van Ness travelled with World Vision Malaysia to their very first local community development project in Tulid, Sabah, to understand the needs of the community and the challenges of setting up a community development project. He also learnt how funds raised by the 30-Hour Famine will benefit the Tulid community. At the Famine Countdown event, Van Ness fasted alongside the participants, beginning his fast on 19 July like most and extending it till 21 July, making it a total of 72 hours of fast! In light of the devastating incident of MH17, Van Ness took time to remember and pray for our nation.