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Make A Difference Through School Engagement

As students and youths, you can make a big difference in the lives of those living in poverty! Here’s how you can play your part:


Global Citizens Programme

Global Citizens Programme

World Vision Malaysia, a non-profit organisation, is offering the Global Citizens Programme to schools, colleges and universities. This programme seeks to help students become aware of their identity as global citizens and their responsibilities to the world.

Here's how it works:

1. Invite World Vision Malaysia to conduct Global Citizens Programmes.
2. At the end of the programme, the students are encouraged to take up a fundraising challenge for World Vision Malaysia as a response to what they've learned.

For enquiries, please email [email protected].


Fundraising Events

Fundraising with World Vision

Support World Vision’s work among the poor with your very own fundraising initiative. You can also make a request for World Vision Malaysia to set up booths at your events.


30-Hour Famine  (March to August)

The 30-Hour Famine is an annual education-cum-advocacy event where participants fast for 30 hours to raise awareness on issues relating to hunger and poverty. Join the 30-Hour Famine movement by organising a DIY Camp with your club, class or entire school. You can also opt to be a participant in a DIY Camp close to you.


8-Hour Kidz Famine (March to August)

8-Hour Kidz Famine

Children aged 12 and below can be a part of the Famine movement too! Organise an 8-Hour Kidz Famine Camp and help children open up their world to global issues relating to hunger and poverty.


Famine participants will have an opportunity to gather together at the 30-Hour Famine Countdown Event for the last 4 hours of the 30 hour fast!

For enquiries about joining or organising a DIY Famine Camp, kindly send an email to [email protected].