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What it means to be a child sponsor?

Child sponsorship means more than an extra charge on the credit card bill. When you sponsor a child, you join a community of thousands across Malaysia who are dedicated to changing the lives of children in need.

We offer a variety of ways for our vast sponsor community to get together and get involved.


Weekends with World Vision

At the upcoming Weekends with World Vision in December, we’re taking a journey of discovery to a little-known side of Mongolia’s vast grasslands. We invite you, as well as your friends, family and colleagues, to join us at this event on Zoom!

Date: 13 Dec 2020 (Sunday), 3pm – 4.30pm

We’ve invited special guest Ariuna, World Vision Area Programme Manager in Baganuur, Mongolia, to talk about the challenges facing communities there, as well as the life-changing impact of World Vision’s work. She will also provide updates on the pandemic situation. If your sponsored child is from Baganuur, join us for this weekend event to learn what’s happening in their community!

Also speaking will be Lyss Pua, friend of World Vision and child sponsor; she will talk about her child sponsorship journey and experiences, the community developments she witnessed when she visited Baganuur last year, and her thoughts about meeting her sponsored child.

Registration closes on 6 Dec 2020.

The Zoom Meeting ID and password will be sent via email 3 days before the event.

See you soon!

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Upcoming Sponsors’ Visits

If you would like to visit your sponsored child in one of the communities World Vision serves, do take note of these upcoming sponsors’ visits:

 Area Development Programme (ADP)   Date (tentative and subject to change)
  Moises Padilla ADP, Philippines   2-7 May 2021
  Loma ADP, Democratic Republic of Congo   16-22 May 2021
  Parimo ADP, Indonesia   18-24 July 2021
  Liping ADP, China   13-18 September 2021


Estimated costs will be advised closer to the travel dates. As spaces are limited, priority will be given to the sponsors of children from the ADPs listed. Please email [email protected] or call (603) 7800 0899 if you’re interested in joining a sponsors’ visit.

Sponsors of children from other ADPs may join the visits, subject to seat availability. Note that all dates are tentative and may be subject to change.


Hear from Joycelyn about her child sponsor visit to Welikanda, Sri Lanka



Joycelyn Chan, 27, is passionate about people, especially children. Despite her young age, she is already sponsoring two children from Welikanda Area Development Programme (ADP), Sri Lanka – Jathupriya (6) and Nuwan (9).

In July 2017, Joycelyn joined the inaugural sponsors’ visit to Sri Lanka. “My heart ached when I first arrived at the community. Life is harsh for the people there. At that time, they were going through a drought so water supply was greatly reduced. Despite their circumstances, they were still overflowing with joy when they spoke about how their lives have drastically improved with World Vision’s help.” Joycelyn also commended the ADP staff on their passion, dedication and sacrifice to help the people of Welikanda.

For the electrical engineer, the highlight of the trip was meeting Jathupriya. “She is a lovely and pretty girl; a bit shy and reserved as compared to her 2-year-old sister. She was a ball of nerves yet so excited for our meet up that her body temperature was slightly high when we met. But we had a really good time together.”

Touched by what she saw and experienced in Sri Lanka, Joycelyn decided to sponsor another child and that was when Nuwan came into her life. “Many of us are blessed in so many ways that we often take life and the things we have for granted. We forget to ‘live’ and to be grateful for the things we have. This has motivated me to share about child sponsorship with my friends, colleagues and family. It may not cost them much but it means a whole lot for the children and their community.” Many of Joycelyn’s family and friends have now come on board as a child sponsor.