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A child hugging a goat is seen smiling with the caption: Hope is something we all need.

Hope can change the world. With hope, all things are possible. Sustainable change is possible.

When you give a child in need a practical gift, you are giving them hope.

Hope is something we all can give.

Give children and families the hope they need in the form of a practical gift through the World Vision Gifts of Hope. Every gift has been specially selected to bring lasting improvements in the lives of children, families and communities in need. You may want to honour someone special in your life by giving on their behalf, and letting them know your thoughtful gesture through one of our beautiful gift cards!

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Pick your gift(s). You can pick gifts on behalf of your loved ones, too!
Surprise your loved ones with a gift in their name and write them a personal message on our Gift Card (complimentary; available on request).
We deliver your gift(s) to children and families worldwide, where lives will be changed by your gift(s).
Donate where needed most
RM50 and above

Can’t make up your mind on choosing a gift? A general donation would suit you best! Your gift will go towards a fund that will be disbursed according to where the needs are greatest. It’s a simple yet powerful way to help change lives.



Learning Resources
RM70 / RM280

Help the children of children clubs nurture a love for learning with a gift of books which will help them discover the world beyond their community, learn new things and spark creative thinking. This gift includes library shelves to house the books!
School Uniform
RM150 / RM450

“Rrr…ing! Rrr…ing!” When we hear the school bell, we usually envision children in school uniforms lining up in neat rows. But for impoverished communities, children often lack basics like school uniforms.
Nutritious Meals

Nutritious food is important for a child’s growth. The lack of it may affect a child’s health, learning and development. Consider giving nutritious meals to the children who need it most as it will help them grow like other children, both physically and mentally.
Fill a School Bag
RM190 / RM950

Would you consider filling a child’s school bag with exercise books, food carrier, raincoat and umbrella? Children without school bags will also be given one. Your gift will bring much joy and a boost of confidence to the children as they start a new school year.
Child Rights Training
RM250 / RM1,250

Many children do not know their basic rights (e.g. education) or to say no to exploitation. When children know their rights, they are better able to defend themselves against abuse and practices like child labour and child marriage. This gift of advocacy, training and implementation of local protection committees for children is indeed non-conventional but critical!



Mummy-To-Be Pack
RM220 / RM1,100

The minute she finds out she’s pregnant, all she does is for the benefit of her child. It is important for a pregnant woman to stay healthy as it will also influence the development of her child. This pack includes delivery kits, vitamins and nutritious food to give mummy’s-to-be a healthy start into motherhood while delivering a strong and cute baby!
Sewing Machine
RM250 / RM1,250

Owing to high unemployment, most stay-at-home mums are stepping up to supplement their family’s income. Give them a hand up by contributing a sewing machine to a struggling family. Your gift will open up a world of possibilities for productivity and creativity among the ladies!
Positive Parenting Training

Tough love or tender love? Unfortunately in many rural communities, educating children almost always involves violence of some form. Help parents understand that tender, loving care and positive discipline is the way to go for effective parenting!



Farming Tools
RM50 / RM200 / RM500

Help families with meagre income improve their livelihood with this gift that includes a rake, shovel, water tanks and an irrigation system. Why not give this meaningful gift in the name of a loved one? They’ll surely appreciate your thoughtful gesture!
RM100 / RM500

Families will be given seedlings for growing potatoes, carrots, garlic, cabbage and onion to start their own garden. They will also be given some fruit seedlings because what’s a garden without some juicy fruits?
RM50 / RM250

Chickens provide nutritious eggs and meat while serving as a source of income. Your gift will be a hit among children and adults alike!
RM80 / RM240

“Meh…meh…!” Goats are not only adorable; they are very beneficial for children’s health. Goat milk, cheese and yogurt are all yummy and nutritious. They make a neat income too!
RM80 / RM240

A soft, cuddly friend. Protein-rich milk. Warm wool for clothes. All this and more, when you bless a family with a sheep! A gift you won’t lose sleep over.
Fisheries Starter Pack
RM160 / RM480

Get in the giving spirit by helping hungry families grow fish for food and sale. This starter pack includes a starter school of catfish, fish feed, fishing net and crab traps.

The ultimate milk machine! Cows produce litres of milk for consumption that can also be used to make butter and cheese for sale. What’s more, parents will be able to save their profits for rainy days.




Give this gift of proper latrines along with training on personal hygiene in honour of a loved one, and help protect young children from infectious diseases that could prove fatal. This gift may sound a little unusual but it’s practical and essential. Think about it – what would our lives be like without a toilet?
Clean Water
RM300 / RM3,000

Having clean water in school for consumption and sanitation can protect children from water-borne diseases. Your gift will help implement a sustainable clean water source and improve sanitation practices. This gift includes water filter, water tank and proper washing facilities.