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What do chickens and clean water have in common?

They give life-changing hope.

For families and children living in extreme need, having a glimmer of hope can mean everything. In our experience, we have seen how giving small practical gifts can make all the difference! Gifts starting from as little as RM30.

For instance, a flock of chicken or a cow can give families a valuable source of nutrition and income. A gift of clean water can vastly improve a whole community's health. A set of workbooks can help children to do better in school, giving them an opportunity to build a brighter future.

Every gift in this catalogue is designed to change lives in meaningful ways. You can even honour someone you love by giving a gift on their behalf! Click the buttons below to browse our gift selection.

Education Livelihood, Food Security and Economic Development Child Protection Health and Nutrition Water and Sanitation
Here is a simple step by step infographic about how the Gift of Hope works.
Donate where needed most
RM50 and above

It can be hard to decide exactly where your money can do the most good. That is why a general donation to World Vision is a great choice. Your gift will be part of a general fund that will support various needs in Malaysia and overseas, disbursed according to where aid is needed most.


School materials
RM30 up to RM300

With this gift, you will provide students with the school materials they need to excel in class, including workbooks to prepare them for their examinations and story books to improve reading skills.
Educational children's camps
RM30 up to RM300

A good education can happen outside the classroom. This gift will support educational camps for children, which will cover diverse topics such as child protection, child rights and nutrition.
Teachers' training
RM80 up to RM380

A good teacher can make learning a more enriching experience for children. With this gift, you will help provide training to teachers in poor communities, giving them the skills to nurture young minds more creatively and effectively.
Life skills and leadership training
RM300 up to RM6,500

Education is more than just book learning. With this gift, you can equip children with the life skills they would need to go far. Through skills learning materials, capacity-building activities and training in areas like leadership, we can help children grow into well-rounded adults.


Savings Starter Pack
RM30 up to RM500

With this gift, you can facilitate the implementation and promotion of savings clubs in poor communities, allowing community members to access credit for building small businesses as well as for emergencies.
RM50 / RM350 / RM950

Chickens are a versatile gift, providing families with nutritious eggs and meat while serving as a source of income. Your gift will also help provide training, expertise and materials for chicken-raising, including feed, water tanks, battery cages and more.
RM500 / RM2000 / RM5,000

With this gift, you can provide cows to poor households in impoverished communities, giving them access to nutritious milk and a steady income. In addition, this gift will support training on subjects like shed-building and disease prevention, as well as building materials for sheds and enclosures.


Parenting skills
RM50 up to RM200

Parents have a vital role to play in bringing up children who are healthy spiritually, mentally and emotionally. With this gift, you will help us run workshops to equip parents with important parenting skills.
Protecting girls’ rights
RM150 / RM750 / RM1,500

With this gift, you will help train community leaders on girls’ rights, produce materials on child marriage and support awareness campaigns, ensuring that girls under 18 are educated about child marriage and their rights.

You will also ensure that children get proper birth certificates, giving them access to services like healthcare, protection from exploitation and other benefits.


Health training
RM80 up to RM200

Health education is vital in assuring the good health of a community. This gift will support workshops and awareness activities, covering topics such as hygiene, childhood diseases, health services and alcoholism.
School meals
RM150 or RM550

Any child would find it difficult to focus on their lessons on an empty stomach. With this gift, you can provide healthy meals to school-going children, giving them the energy and concentration they need to learn and grow.
Healthy start for infants
RM200 / RM2000 / RM5,000

A child’s first days have a big impact on their future health and growth. With this gift, you will help train caregivers on proper feeding practices for infants and children, and educate mothers on breastfeeding. It will also support growth monitoring of infants and provide training to caregivers on proper food preparation, handling and storage.


Clean water for a community
RM200 up to RM5,000

Having a source of clean water close to home can do wonders for a community’s health by preventing serious water-related diseases.

With this gift, you will help us build boreholes by providing building materials to communities in need, as well as the expertise to make the most of them.

This gift will also build capacity and increase awareness on clean water through local partnerships. In addition, you will provide support in monitoring and evaluating water projects.