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Gifts Of Hope - Every gift brings life-changing hope!

The needs of those living in poverty are great, but the right gift at the right time can make all the difference. Because of the generosity of caring people, thousands of small miracles are taking place in communities around the world – through World Vision’s Gifts of Hope.

Do you want to honour a loved one in a special way? Buy a life-changing gift on their behalf and bless children and families in need.

Health & Nutrition Education WASH Food Security Child Protection
Here is a simple step by step infographic about how the Gift of Hope works.

As a token of appreciation, donations above RM300 will receive a special gift from us.

Donate where needed most
RM30 and above

Sometimes it can be hard to decide exactly where your money can do the most good. That is why a general donation to World Vision is a great choice. Your gift will be part of a general fund that will be apportioned to support various needs in Malaysia and overseas.


Improve health facilities
RM200 up to RM720

Rural health centres often lack proper medical equipment and supplies, especially for the care of young mothers and elderly folks. With this gift, you’ll provide equipment like acute care foetal monitoring units, injection pumps for newborns, Blood Glucose Monitors, and general improvements to other health facilities.
Nutritious food
RM500 up to RM1000

Raising a well-nourished child is not just about giving them more food, but making sure they have the right balance of nutrients to grow, learn and thrive. Your gift will help us run cooking classes, nutrition workshops and awareness activities, as well as provide nutritious food for poor families, school children, and pregnant and lactating mothers.
Emergency medical assistance
RM200 up to RM2000

Children suffering from acute malnutrition are more susceptible to deadly diseases and illnesses. When these children face medical distress, every minute counts. You can help ensure that they have access to lifesaving medical treatment and support as quickly as possible.
RM50 up to RM1700

Getting children immunised early protects them from diseases like measles and rubella. With this gift, you can help us partner with local health workers to conduct vaccination and de-worming campaigns, and increase the awareness of mothers and caregivers on the importance of immunisation.


Learning resources
RM50 up to RM720

Children learn best through play and the use of visuals and creative tools. Your gift of teaching and learning materials such as educational toys, flashcards and storybooks, as well as much-needed classroom furniture, will help teachers and Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Centres build a more engaging learning environment for children.
School meals
RM120 up to RM2280

It isn’t easy to stay focused in school when your stomach is growling. With this gift, you can provide healthy meals for children attending school or ECCD Centres, giving them the boost in energy and concentration to grow and learn.
Safe Learning Spaces
RM80 up to RM840

Knowing that their children have a safe environment to learn and play in is a great incentive for parents to send their children to schools or ECCD Centres. With this gift, you can help improve the safety of school and learning grounds through proper fencing and repairs, as well as provide safe outdoor toys and playgrounds for children to enjoy.


Clean water
RM150 up to RM4252

Clean water brings life and hope, literally. According to statistics, water contaminated with human faeces is a major cause of diseases like diarrhoea, which kills over 800 children every day.

Your gift will enable us to identify ground water sources where we can build safe drinking water wells. In addition, it will help us to raise awareness on proper sanitation and hygiene practices in communities and schools.


Farm animals
RM80 up to RM1150

Farm animals are a versatile gift for a family living in poverty. A brood of chickens or a pond teeming with fish can be an incredible source of nutrition and income. This gift will also ensure that the families are well trained in raising these valuable critters.
RM50 up to RM300

Good seeds are needed to grow good crops. With this gift, you can provide vanilla cuttings, fertiliser, and rubber tree seedlings to families in need, along with the training and tools required to grow income generating plants and trees.
Income skills and training
RM100 up to RM1000

Families can be trained and empowered to lift themselves out of poverty. With this gift, you can teach communities income-generating skills such as gardening, greenhouse farming, enhanced food crop production, sewing, carpentry, financial management and saving.


Child Protection
RM200 up to RM1380

It takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to keep a child safe. This gift will keep children out of harm’s way by helping us raise awareness on child rights in communities and among children. You will also improve child protection and referral systems like help lines and ensure that child protection groups are prepared to handle incidents in their communities.