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Gifts of Hope


Make every gift matter

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in many ways and the effects are far greater for those in dire need. It is our hope that this year, you will make every gift you give a life-changing one.

Gifts of Hope provides the opportunity to give a practical gift that will make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children, families and communities. Every gift has been thoughtfully selected to bring joy, hope and lasting improvements. Give a gift of hope today! It’s a simple gesture that has the power to change the world!

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For Children For Schools For Families

How does Gifts of Hope work? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!


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1. Pick your gift(s)
Choose from a selection of gifts that will encourage a child, family and community in need.

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2. Bring joy
Celebrate a loved one by giving a gift in their name. Then send them a personal message with our complimentary eCard to warm their hearts.

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3. Change lives
We deliver your gift(s) to children and families worldwide, where it will make a difference and set in motion a lifetime of possibility!

Donate Where Needed Most
RM50 and above

Can’t decide on a gift? A general donation would be your best choice! This way, you’ll help provide necessities to vulnerable children and families locally and overseas, according to where the needs are greatest.


For Children

School Bags
RM110 / RM220

School bags will help children carry their books and keep their belongings safe. It’s a gift that will get children excited for school!
School Bags and Stationery
RM180 / RM360

Help children learn and succeed in their education with school essentials. School bag, pens, pencils, erasers, ruler, books and drawing pad – all the things they’ll need for an enjoyable learning experience!
School Shoes
RM188 / RM300

Some children walk barefoot everywhere and it hurts their feet. School shoes will protect their feet from rocks and other sharp objects so they can hop, skip and jump their way to school!
RM310 / RM620

How do you get around? There are children that walk more than 5km to school and it takes them longer during the rainy season. A bicycle will help them get to school safely and faster, so they don’t have to start walking while the sky is still dark.


For Schools

Clean Water – Handwashing Stations
RM225 / RM450

With this gift, you free children from the unrelenting task of hauling water long distances. You protect them from diseases like diarrhoea so they can learn, play and grow in a healthier and hygienic environment!
Clean Water – Sanitation and Hygiene Workshop
RM60 / RM180

Every so often, children complain of an itchy scalp due to head lice. Through sanitation and hygiene workshops, children and parents alike will learn how to maintain good personal hygiene – an important habit to cultivate especially during the pandemic! Hygiene kits will also be provided.
School Desks
RM180 / RM360

Some school desks are old and wobbly, and there are not enough to accommodate all the students. Gift some new desks so that children can learn comfortably.
Nutrition Education
RM70 / RM175

This is an intangible gift but one that will make a life-changing difference! Your gift will raise awareness on the importance of a balanced diet and help children develop healthy eating habits.
RM210 / RM840

There are no proper toilets in many vulnerable communities. The few toilets they have are unpleasant, unhygienic and unsafe. Properly built toilets can improve health for the community and protect them from infectious diseases.


For Families

RM55 / RM110

Chicks will grow up into chickens that will provide a steady supply of nutritious eggs for a hungry family. They are also easy to breed so your gift can grow and multiply to create income. Feed, training and other support are provided with this gift.
RM550 / RM2,200

Cows can help families cultivate the land for farming. When they give birth to calves, the calves are shared with other community members until every family has their own cow. It’s the perfect gift to help a whole community!
Seedlings and Equipment
RM130 / RM550 / RM1,100

This gift is packed with everything to help hungry families grow fruits and vegetables all year round. You’ll provide seedlings, tools and training. What’s more, the extra harvest can be sold to pay for children’s education.
Nutrition Packs
RM210 / RM420

Loaded with nutrients, this is a gift for the many young children who are malnourished. It’s a great way to fill hungry bellies with the good and right stuff so that children can grow up healthily!
Medical Equipment
RM180 / RM1,080

Many community health centres are not equipped to care for pregnant women. You can help provide equipment like beds, tables, chairs, sterilization drums and other birthing equipment.
Sewing Machines
RM265 / RM1,100

This gift is specifically for the woman of the family! It’s the perfect tool to help mothers support their households to provide for their children. Not just that, they can also make some new clothes for the entire family!
Mosquito Nets
RM60 / RM120

This is a gift that truly saves children. Mosquito bites are itchy and some of them carry deadly diseases. Your gift provides durable nets that will keep children and families safe from malaria and other serious mosquito-borne diseases.