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Gifts of Hope

A child holding a chick in her hands and smiling to the camera.

Give Joy and Hope that last!

Bicycles that help children travel to school far away, goats that provide families nutrition and income, a sewing machine that enables a mother to start a small business… every Gift of Hope has been thoughtfully handpicked by World Vision to bless children and families in need for many seasons to come. You can even honour someone special by giving on their behalf and letting them know through our beautiful gift cards!

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For Children For Families For Communities

How does Gifts of Hope work? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

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1. Pick your gift(s)
You can pick gifts on behalf of your loved ones too!

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2. Surprise your loved ones
Get a gift in their name and write them a personal message on our Gift Card (complimentary; available on request).

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3. We deliver your gift(s) to children and families worldwide, where lives will be changed for good!

Donate Where Needed Most
RM50 and above

Can’t decide on just the right gift? A general donation would be your best choice! Your gift will go towards a fund that will be disbursed locally or overseas according to where the needs are greatest. It’s a simple yet powerful way to help change lives.


For Children

Nutritious Meals
RM260 / RM520

Young children attending Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Centres need proper nutrition to learn and grow. Give the gift of healthy meals so that children can fill up their tummies before filling their minds!
School Bags
RM70 / RM140

Books, pencils and other stationery are among the tools that give children a head start in education. But it’s hard to carry all of that around without something to put them in. Your gift of school bags will get children excited and ready for school!
Learning Resources – Building Blocks
RM50 / RM200

Children can learn many skills through play. Problem-solving, motor skills and creativity are just as important as book knowledge. Enable children to learn the fun way through colourful building blocks!
Learning Resources – Activity Bags
RM90 / RM270

Children can learn many skills through play. Problem-solving, motor skills and creativity are just as important as book knowledge. Enable children to learn the fun way with a bag full of interesting educational materials!
RM210 / RM420

Children in poor communities often have great difficulty going to school because it is just too far and takes too long on foot. By giving a bicycle, you’ll help children get to school in time, with plenty of energy left to learn!
Programmes to Prevent Early Marriage and Protect Children
RM230 / RM460

Marriage is NOT for children. They have the right to grow up in an environment where they are protected and safe. Help ensure that parents, community members and vulnerable children know about child rights by supporting community awareness and training programmes on child protection and child marriage.


For Families

Sewing Machine
RM140 / RM560

The whirring of a sewing machine is the sound of success for a family living in poverty. By giving this gift, you can help mothers support their households to provide for their children’s education.
Mango Planting
RM210 / RM350

Mmm, mangos! These fruits aren’t just a tasty treat but a valuable crop as well. With this gift, you’ll provide mango plants plus training on planting and cultivation to families in need, making their lives that much sweeter!
RM100 / RM240

Cradling a flock of small fluffy friends equals a wonderful afternoon for nearly every child! A gift of cute chicks (plus chicken huts, materials and training) will improve the lives of people who need it most by providing a continuous source of nutrition and income.
RM300 / RM1,200

A good farm wouldn’t be complete without a goat (or two)! These animals are easy to feed and provide nutritious milk which can be turned into a variety of dairy products. Support a family with a gift of goats which come with training for local goat-breeding groups!
RM350 / RM1,800

What does a cow say? “Moo!” What does a cow do? Provide families with nutritious milk and a sustainable source of income! By giving this versatile gift, you’ll help families in need to say “Thank you very Moo-ch!”


For Communities

Clean Water
RM270 / RM900

We take for granted that children at pre-schools have clean water and toilets. But communities in dire need don’t have this basic necessity. Help bring clean water systems and toilets to pre-schools, so that children can learn, play and grow in a healthier, hygienic environment.
Resources for Special-needs Children

Some children have special needs or disabilities that make it far more challenging for them to learn. With this gift you can provide learning resources and equip teachers to be more effective in helping these special children.
Improving Community Healthcare
RM230 / RM460

For many poor communities, quality healthcare is hard to come by. You can help provide and improve access to vital health services and facilities so that more families and children can receive timely healthcare.
Agriculture Equipment
RM160 / RM1,600

Farming is hard work, and not having the right tools just makes it harder. You can help struggling farmers to increase their yields and work more efficiently by providing them with modern farming tools and equipment.
Street Lights
RM175 / RM700

In many poor communities, pitch black nights can hide many unseen dangers. With a gift of street lights, you can brighten up the darkness and keep children and families safe all night long.