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Gifts of Hope: Frequently Asked Questions


What is Gifts of Hope?

Gifts of Hope started in 2005 with the intention of giving Malaysians the opportunity to improve the lives of children, their families and communities through the giving of practical, impactful and sustainable gifts.

World Vision Malaysia supports and funds projects in several countries through various means, the main one being our Child Sponsorship Programme.

However, for some countries, funds raised through the Child Sponsorship Programme are insufficient to support transformational and development projects. As such, alternative ways of raising funds are explored – for example, Gifts of Hope.


How are the gifts in the catalogue chosen?

The gifts featured in the catalogue are chosen annually based on consultations and feedback from the communities supported by World Vision Malaysia. Their choices and decisions are, in many instances, based on immediate needs and long-term sustainability for the communities.

For the full list of gifts, please click here.

If you would like to know about the countries where the gifts will go, please email [email protected] or call World Vision Malaysia at (603) 7800 0899. Note that, due to possible future office closures, you may not be able to reach us at this number. In such a scenario, please contact us via email. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Why are some of the gifts more expensive?

There are several factors that determine the donation price range of each gift. Some gifts include supporting materials, or materials and training, but this is highly dependent on the needs of the community.

For example:
When you donate a Cow and Training, the beneficiary will be provided with training in livestock practices and supported with breeding inputs.

When you donate a sewing machine, sewing materials and relevant training will be provided.

In many cases, the gift benefits more than its original recipients or households. For example, when a family receives a cow and the cow gives birth to calves, they will pass on the calves to other members of the community.

Apart from that, the raw materials for some gifts may not be readily available in the community. Therefore, they need to be sourced from other areas within the country and transported to the community.


What happens if the gifts you have selected have sufficient funding?

In the event that the gifts you have selected have sufficient funding, we will send them to where the needs are greatest, locally and overseas, or send other equally-needed gifts in place of the gifts you’ve chosen.

Can I send my sponsored child a gift from the catalogue?

The majority of the gifts are community-based, which are different from the types of gifts you may like to give your sponsored child. Furthermore, your sponsored child may not be residing within the communities that benefit from this initiative.

We encourage sponsors to send gifts directly to their sponsored children through World Vision’s offices in their sponsored children’s countries (the list of addresses can be found here).


I own a school bag-making factory. Can I send some school bags to the communities as part of your Gifts of Hope initiative?

At the moment, World Vision Malaysia is not equipped to accept gifts in kind. Additionally, we have to consider the cost of shipping and handling, local authorities’ approval, and many other factors. It would be cheaper, easier and more effective to provide the field offices with the money and indicate our choice of gifts to them.


How would I know that my gift has been delivered?

We will provide a report on how many gifts were delivered in total and the implementation of supporting programmes (e.g. handwashing stations, toilets). The report for this year’s Gifts of Hope catalogue will be available in mid-2023. Click here to read our latest report.


Will all the money be used for the gifts? Will a percentage be used for administrative costs?

Keeping our administration costs low has always been a priority. We are committed to keeping our expenses below 20%, and have kept to this standard every year since World Vision Malaysia started operations. We intend to continue containing our costs as much as possible so that the bulk of the monies can be sent to the field and communities.


Can I get a tax exemption for my donation?

As our funds are primarily channelled overseas to help children living in the poorest areas of the world, your donations are not tax-deductible. To be eligible for tax exempt status, a majority of funds raised must benefit Malaysians.


What are the eCards for and how can I get them?

When you donate a gift on behalf of a loved one, you can send him/her an eCard to let him/her know about the special gift you have donated in his/her name. You will receive ONE eCard per gift. eCards are only available when you pick your gifts online.


When will my gift reach the community?

Our commitment is to have your donations/gifts delivered by those working in the various field offices. The gifts are delivered in accordance to the timeline of activities carried out in the community, which is planned annually. Oftentimes, the gifts are also accompanied by training to maximise the usage and benefit of the items.