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Going beyond volunteering - being a child sponsor

At World Vision Malaysia, many of our supporters go beyond volunteering. They are also passionate and committed child sponsors, supporting children who are struggling to survive poverty every day. Thanks to them, more children and communities are thriving and on track to a better and self-sustainable future.



“Through World Vision’s visits to Indonesia and Mongolia, I met the local communities and learnt to appreciate the work that is being done to provide a better future for them. I am a strong believer of the saying, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’ and this is exactly what World Vision is doing. The various development projects and trainings help build a self-reliant community. I am confident of World Vision’s concept of empowerment as well as their accountability with funds. This has encouraged me to sponsor more children.”

Rachel Ng, World Vision Malaysia Volunteer & Child Sponsor of 11 children




“Our first encounter with World Vision was through its child sponsorship programme. It has truly been life-changing and fulfilling to see our sponsored children growing up healthy, happy and with the hope of a better future. Having seen for ourselves the dedication and care of the people working alongside our sponsored children and their communities, we’re indeed touched and wanted to do more. Today, we are also World Vision’s volunteers, doing what we can to inspire others to join us on our child sponsorship journey!”

Eric Tham & Diane Vo, World Vision Malaysia Volunteers & Child Sponsors of 3 children

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“Being World Vision’s volunteer has been enriching. I took a step further in becoming their advocate and this has given me a platform to contribute even more. I was overwhelmed and shocked when I saw for myself the reality of poverty. I met Parama during a World Vision trip to Basanthi, India. This little girl was shivering and her hands were cold due to hunger. I’m relieved to know that she is now under the World Vision’s child sponsorship programme. I know many who are hesitant to commit to a long-term sponsorship programme but being a child sponsor myself for many years, I can assure you that the money spent is worthwhile – as we will see lasting change in the lives of those struggling with poverty.”

Elle Chin, World Vision Malaysia’s Youth Mobiliser & Child Sponsor of 2 children



Sponsoring a child was not an instantaneous decision but definitely a meaningful one! Knowing that my small giving can contribute to the growth of a child and give him or her better opportunities in life truly encourages me as a child sponsor. I have met my sponsored child in Vietnam. It was heartwarming to see for myself the dedication and commitment of the staff in reaching out to the local communities. I was touched by their work. Today, I am also a World Vision volunteer, hoping to help pass on the concept of child sponsorship to others. It is pure joy to see a child thrive and all it takes is giving a small portion of what we have.”

Yu Foong Sin, World Vision Malaysia Volunteer & Child Sponsor of 3 children

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“I believe that it is more than just a donation; child sponsorship helps lay a solid foundation for sustainable development and brings hope to children living in poverty. Today, I am sponsoring two children and RM130 may not be a lot, but to know that such contribution can help complete two development projects truly encourages me. If all of us play a part and sponsor just one child, what an impact that would be! Today, I am also World Vision’s volunteer, sharing with others about child sponsorship and World Vision’s work.”

Lisa Chang Siew Ling, World Vision Malaysia Volunteer & Child Sponsor of 2 children




“During World Vision’s trip to Mae Sariang, Thailand, I witnessed the joy and excitement of the children when they received letters from their sponsors. This encouraged me to build a relationship with my sponsored children. Whenever I meet other sponsors, I would encourage them to write to their sponsored children. Our words of encouragement will motivate them to grow up courageously and be better persons. Child sponsorship is a meaningful way to reach out to those in need as it is built on relationships.”

Emily Teoh, World Vision Malaysia Volunteer & Child Sponsor of 2 children


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