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World Vision works to help children, families and communities through our projects.

Community Transformation

World Vision partners with local communities, governments and other organisations to help children and families find life in all its fullness through sustainable development. Through the Child Sponsorship Programme, World Vision and its partners continue to bring transformation in the lives of children, families and their communities, helping them live with dignity and hope.

Our work in communities usually lasts 15-20 years, during which we partner with local stakeholders to identify and address the root issues perpetuating poverty. Once a community achieves self-sustainability, World Vision phases out of the area.

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World Vision Malaysia has responded to multiple emergencies to save many lives.

Emergency Relief

As an international relief organisation, World Vision is globally positioned to respond to crises and disaster-stricken areas speedily and effectively. We provide basic necessities such as food, water and shelter for the communities. We also assist in the recovery and rebuilding process, with our primary focus being on the children affected.

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Educating youths and adults in efforts to uphold the rights of children all over the world.


At World Vision, we empower the voiceless with a voice. When structural and systemic social shortfalls deny people the right to speak up for themselves, we lend them a voice by bringing to light policies, practices and attitudes that perpetuate inequality and deny social justice.

World Vision stays on top of policies and laws affecting children and their rights, stepping up and speaking out where necessary in efforts to uphold the rights of vulnerable children all over the world. It also works with governments to promote awareness and educate people on their rights to opportunity and fullness of life.

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