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Advocacy - 30-Hour Famine



The 30-Hour Famine is a global movement against hunger and poverty. Each year, our youths unite to learn about hunger, fast for 30 hours and raise funds for those living in poverty.

World Vision Malaysia’s 30-Hour Famine was first organised in 1997 and has since grown to become one of the country's largest annual advocacy-cum-fundraising campaigns. Every year, around 30,000 young Malaysians take part in 30-Hour Famine DIY Camps held across Malaysia, making a united stand against hunger and poverty.

In light of the ongoing global pandemic, World Vision Malaysia is introducing a new format for the 30-Hour Famine 2021 that will give Famine Fighters the flexibility to fast, raise funds and fight for children in need anytime and anywhere, offline or online!


These Famine Fighters have committed to be a part of the 30-Hour Famine 2020. 到, I'm in!



30-Hour Famine 2021

This year, Famine Fighters can participate in 30-Hour Famine activities on their own, with a close group of friends and family, or even with other Famine Fighters in a group not larger than 50. Famine Fighters of all ages can participate in activities either online or offline, fasting from solid food, beverages, or meat consumption for 30 hours. There are three different ways to participate:


Choose to join the 30-Hour Famine 2021 as an individual Famine Fighter


Individual Challenge

Famine Fighters who join the campaign as an individual can choose from three Challenges to carry out anytime and anywhere they want.


Choose to join the 30-Hour Famine 2021 with friends and family


Friends & Family (F&F) Challenge

Famine Fighters can gather physically or virtually with their families or close friends (2-10 people) to carry out an F&F Challenge.


Choose to join the 30-Hour Famine 2021 and complete the challenges with a big group virtually


Community Challenge

Famine Fighters can gather physically or virtually with other Famine Fighters (11-50 people) to carry out a Community Challenge.


Through the various exciting activities, Famine Fighters will learn more about the focus topics of the year and help children in need to Fight for the Better!


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