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At this moment, hundreds of millions of girls are fighting for their lives. To be heard, to learn and grow, to be treated with dignity, to choose their own way. You can be part of the solution. Sponsor a girl today, and change her world for good.


Sponsor a Girl


“Every girl should live free of fear.”

But so many of us don’t. Walking to get water, we look over our shoulder. We hold back tears as our families give us away in marriage. We face physical abuse when things don’t go well at home.


icon of young child bride

Every minute, 22 girls who have not reached adulthood are given away in marriage.


icon of young girl doing hard labour

64 million girls are forced into child labour every year.


icon of girl reading a book with question marks

Around the world, 76 million young women are illiterate.


icon of an angry father scolding and hitting a child

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed an extra 85 million children at risk of physical, sexual and emotional violence.


icon of young girl holding a teddy bear having to wear a wedding veil

An additional 10 million girls will now be married by 2030 due to the effects of the pandemic, with 2020 recording the greatest surge in child marriage rates in 25 years.



“It's time to say that enough is enough.”

Right now, thousands of girls urgently need sponsors to help them build a fearless future. Join the movement to sponsor 1,000 girls by International Day of the Girl on 11 October.

When you sponsor a girl, you make a world of difference. Your support means:

  • Girls, families and communities are educated on their rights, empowering them to prevent child marriage, child labour and sex trafficking.
  • Girls get to stay in school and complete their education, opening up more opportunities for them in the future.
  • Girls and their families are equipped with knowledge and skills to earn a living, provide for their needs and live safely with dignity.

World Vision’s community-focused programmes also mean that for every child sponsored, four other children benefit too.


Sponsor a Girl today


“These are our stories.”

Discover how World Vision is helping girls around the world live fearlessly today.


side profile of Samira


In a Brothel at 14: Samira

“I don’t want a single girl to go through what I went through.”

Read Samira's Story



Nahomy smiling wearing her youth mayor sash


Youth Mayor of Yamaranguila: Nahomy

“I want to be a doctor and start the first clinic in my community.”

Read Nahomy's Story



Mousumi and the Hana girls


What Girl Power Looks Like: Mousumi

“For my village, my dream is that child marriage, child labour and trafficking will stop.”

Read Mousumi's Story



You can speak up for girls!

Join the movement and help realise a future where girls live free of fear! Here’s how:

  • Use our Instagram stickers in your Stories. Search for 1000 Girls and spread the word!
  • Tell a girl’s story! If you’ve ever felt fear in a situation or know someone who has, we challenge you to share your story and raise awareness so we can build a fearless future for other girls.
    • Step 1: Write your own caption
    • Step 2: Choose a photo of empowerment (we want a life free of fear!)
    • Step 3: Tag friends and family to keep it going
  • Ask others to join the #1000girls movement by sponsoring a girl before International Day of the Girl on 11 October


Sponsor a Girl


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