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Sponsor 1,000 Girls

Sponsor a Girl today


Every girl deserves to live a life free of fear.

Yet every single day, hundred of millions of girls worldwide still face harsh realities such as exploitation, early marriage and discrimination.

Sponsor 1,000 Girls - child marriage


12 million girls are married each year, before they turn 18


8Sponsor 1,000 girls - child labour.


64 million girls are forced into child labour


Sponsor 1,000 girls - illiterate girls


76 million young women worldwide are illiterate


It’s time to say that enough is enough!

World Vision is taking a stand for vulnerable girls around the world! This year, you can be a part of this movement by helping us to sponsor 1,000 girls before the International Day of the Girl on 11 October.

By sponsoring a girl, you can:

  • Educate girls, families and communities on girls’ rights, empowering them to prevent child marriage, child labour, and sex trafficking.
  • Help girls to stay in school and get a full education, giving them more opportunities for the future.
  • Empower families with knowledge, tools and skills that will help them earn a living and provide for the needs of their children.

Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, four more children benefit too.


Let’s enable girls to live fearlessly!

Sponsor a Girl today


Nothing to fear!

Discover how World Vision’s work helps girls live boldly.


Sponsor 1,000 Girls - Story of Preeti


Defying tradition: Preeti’s story

“Once I grow up, I want to improve my community.”

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8Sponsor 1,000 girls - Story of Nancy


A second chance at life: Nancy’s story

“I was so excited because somebody cared to buy me a uniform!”

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Sponsor 1,000 girls - Story of Manich


Helping children step up: Manich’s story

“I was motivated to study hard and strive in my life and education.”

Read Manich's story

Sponsor a Girl today