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Hello, my name is Berveline

  Age 8 Democratic Republic of the Congo
1 of 158
  I am a girl
  I am 8 years old
My birthday is on 14/12/2011
  I live in Loma, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  I speak Kinianga
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Change my world

Berveline's community is about 130km from Kinshasa, the capital. About 21,560 people live here. Child and mother mortality is high because of problems like HIV/AIDS and waterborne diseases. Many children under five are malnourished, and there is poor access to basic health services and safe water. Schools are poorly equipped, and many students drop out. Illiteracy is high among youths and adults. In general, income levels are low. Children’s rights are often ignored by the community.
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World Vision works in partnership with children, families and communities to be self-sustainable in areas such as:
  1. Health
  2. Education
  3. Community empowerment
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Search for a child
1 of 158 results
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longest-waiting child
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For assistance,
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How sponsoring a child helps children and communities

Your monthly contribution of RM65 (to sponsor a child in an Asian country) or RM80 (to sponsor a child in a non-Asian country) will provide the basic necessities of life to children and families in need.

Through our special focus on children, World Vision works with communities for about 10 to 15 years, empowering children, families and communities to break the cycle of poverty.



Clean Water & Sanitation

World Vision works to provide clean water in the communities we work in. We also raise awareness on hygiene and sanitation while empowering communities to run and maintain their water and sanitation facilities.




Health & Nutrition

World Vision ensures child and maternal health by promoting health and nutrition practices, improving health services and preventing major causes of disease.





World Vision helps to address barriers to education and works with communities and local governments to improve the quality of education children receive.





World Vision equips families with skills and tools to boost their income and support their families, such as improving agriculture and business skills, and increasing access to financial services.




Child Protection

World Vision seeks to protect children in the communities we serve from violence and abuse. We equip communities to protect and advocate for children, raise awareness on child rights, and empower children to have a voice and role in their communities.



Hear from our child sponsors

What you will receive:

Desktop and Mobile versions of My World Vision Account interface.

Access to My World Vision

My World Vision is a personalised, password-protected online platform that lets you learn more about your sponsored child and their community, manage your sponsorships and personal details, plus more!



Welcome Pack

You will receive a welcome pack introducing you to your sponsored child, World Vision and the basics of child sponsorship.



A Chance to Connect

You will be able to reach out to your sponsored child by sending letters and gifts, writing to them through the My World Vision portal, and even visiting them in person!



The Latest Updates

You can stay updated on your sponsored child and World Vision’s work through World Vision newsletters, annual child progress reports, annual reviews and emails.