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Together For Every Child Campaign, TFEC

Together For Every Child

TFEC (Together For Every Child) aims to bring people together to discover fundraising and that doing something meaningful is actually simple! Support World Vision's projects and give children living in poverty the hope of a better future.

When it comes to someone’s life, every little effort counts. We are working hard to change the staggering numbers of those who don’t have access to clean water and we’re glad you’ve joined us in bringing clean, drinkable water to the children and families who need it most. 


Getting started: TFEC Donation Box
It's as easy as 1-2-3-4

Open to corporate in retail, dining, services and hotel sectors only

Complete the Registration Form (attach copy of IC & company profile) and submit to World Vision Malaysia.

Place the Donation Box in a public space at your premises. Get your staff or colleagues to fundraise with you and fill the box! See our Tips for some cool ideas.

Tell your staff or colleagues about the cause you're supporting and ask them to help you raise funds.

At the end of the campaign or fundraising period, call us at 03-7880 6414 to let us know. We'll come by to collect the box and funds raised, and you're done!


Call us at 03-7880 6414 today!

Click here to see TFEC Donation Box: Corporate Partners


Fundraising Tips

Put the fun in fundraising and get your organisation involved! Here are some ideas you and your colleagues or staff could do to raise funds for TFEC. Everyone can do something.

Organise an inter-department sports day, where family and friends pledge to donate in support of competitors!

Have a cook-off or a bake sale for your friends and family or colleagues.

Sell your pre-loved belongings - clothes, furniture, books etc - at your own yard sale or a flea market.

Organise a fundraising talent night for many laughs and the discovery of hidden talents!
Terms & Conditions
  1. Upon approval of your application, a refundable deposit of RM100.00 will be collected from you. World Vision Malaysia will then provide you a complete set of fundraising materials which include ONE unit of Together For Every Child (hereinafter known as “TFEC”) Donation Box + Fundraising Kit + Flyers.
  2. You shall display the TFEC Donation Box at a prominent and safe place (example: information counter/reception/cashier counters/staff café). You are encouraged to share with your customers, staff, business partners, family, and friends about World Vision’s work which is available in the Fundraising Toolkit.
  3. You are fully responsible for the TFEC Donation Box while it is in your safekeeping. You are to ensure that the TFEC Donation Box is used only for World Vision’s fundraising objectives. No changes nor duplication shall be made to the TFEC Donation Box without written consent from World Vision Malaysia. You shall be responsible for any loss of funds from, damage to and or loss of the TFEC Donation Box.
  4. World Vision reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the campaign, reject any participant or require the return of all donation boxes and collateral before the end of the fundraising period.
  5. You may choose to take part in this fundraising effort for any duration of time up to December 2017 (minimum of one week or up to end-December). At the end of your fundraising period, state the amount collected on the copy of your Registration Form, prepare the TFEC Donation Box and original receipt of the refundable deposit for collection by World Vision Malaysia. Please contact our office at 03-7880 6414 or email [email protected] when the items are ready for collection. Please allow 14 days for pick-up.
  6. All refundable deposits will be returned to each participant within 30 days after the donation box, funds, and required documents are fully returned to our office and found satisfactory. For those who wish to donate the refundable deposit as part of the funds raised, your contribution will be welcome. 
  7. The fundraising period for the TFEC Donation Box runs from January to December 2017.The TFEC Donation Box is only open to corporates in the Klang Valley. 

Who can participate?

If you represent a corporates in the retail, food and beverage, services or hospitality sector within the Klang Valley, TFEC is a great way for your organisation to give back to the community! Display the TFEC Donation Box at your premises and encourage your staff to help raise funds for meaningful projects around the world. Call us at 03-7880 6414 (Mon – Fri, 8.30am – 5.30pm) to find out how you can get started.

How to participate?

Just fill up the Registration Form and attach the required documents (IC and company profile). A refundable deposit of RM100 is required for each approved application. World Vision Malaysia will provide you the materials needed for fundraising which includes a TFEC Donation Box, Fundraising Tool Kit, and flyers. All participants must abide by the terms and conditions of the TFEC campaign and submit all funds raised within the stipulated time frame. Please call us at 03-7880 6414 or email us to [email protected]

What support will I get to help raise funds?

World Vision Malaysia will provide the following: TFEC Donation Box, Fundraising Toolkit and flyers.

What happens after I have filled up the TFEC Donation Box?

If the Donation Box is full, kindly contact our office at 03-7880 6414 (Mon – Fri, 8.30am – 5.30pm) and we will send a representative to collect the funds.

What if I lose the money collected, or the TFEC Donation Box, or both?

We urge all participants to take the utmost care in keeping the Donation Box secure. If under any circumstances the funds collected or the Donation Box is misplaced, missing or stolen, please inform World Vision Malaysia immediately and make a police report within 24 hours.
Kindly note that every lost Donation Box will result in the RM100 deposit being forfeited.

Where do the funds go to?

All funds raised will be channelled to water and healthcare projects in India and South Africa. More than 4,000 children and adults will benefit from the initiatives supported through TFEC.

Will the funds collected be tax-deductible?

Unfortunately, donations to World Vision Malaysia are not tax-deductible as our funds are primarily channelled overseas to help children living in the poorest areas of the world. To be eligible for tax exempt status, a high proportion of the funds must benefit Malaysians.