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Seasoned ultramarathoners Steven Ong and Lim Siaw Hua standing next to the headline With Love, We Run.

“What keeps you going during a race?”


“The desire to cross the finish line,” said Steven and Siaw Hua in unison.

Steven Ong and Lim Siaw Hua are seasoned ultrarunners in the global running community and World Vision child sponsors. In coming months, the duo will be going the extra mile to break their ultramarathon record and raise funds for vulnerable children. Steven and Siaw Hua will be running at the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge and Marathon Des Sables in Southern Morocco respectively.

Running is a huge commitment, it requires perseverance, determination and every step gets harder but finding the purpose has made all the difference in their commitment to finish the race. One way or another, they aim to cross the finish line and stay true to the commitment made both for themselves and their cause – for vulnerable children to live life in all its fullness.

Steven and Siaw Hua invite you to partner them in their journey and help children in need. Every contribution is a step in building brighter futures for children!

Steven Ong

Breaking 60, Run for Children

Ultramarathon runner Steven Ong is running in a park.

Steven is among the few selected for the 2019 Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge – a solo 298km on foot, self-supported challenge. The real challenge? Completing all 298km under 60 hours!

Ultramarathons are challenging. It requires persistence, continuous training and the right resources for race preparation. Steven believes with the right opportunities and resources, everyone – including vulnerable children – can achieve the seemingly impossible.

He hopes to get 60 children sponsored to give children the opportunities they need to step out of poverty and achieve their dreams. Let’s support Steven in “breaking 60”!

Partner Steven in his journey

Lim Siaw Hua

Conquering Sahara, Run for Water

Lim Siaw Hua hiking through a hilly field in an ultramarathon race.

As a mother of two, Siaw Hua knows exactly what a child needs to grow up healthily. One of the most vital things is having clean water for consumption and sanitation. But not all children have access to the precious resource of water, and Siaw Hua is compelled to support them in getting it.

In April 2019, Siaw Hua will embark on a run of a lifetime – the Marathon Des Sables, which has been dubbed ‘the toughest foot race on earth’ and will take her on a 250km journey through the Sahara Desert in Southern Morocco. Siaw Hua will be dedicating her run to raise funds for children to have access to clean water.

Partner Siaw Hua in her journey