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Your sponsorship is bearing fruit!


A class of students proudly showing their art work in one of the schools in Thailand AP.

We’re excited to announce that two of our Area Programmes in Thailand – Kapur and Mae Sariang – are achieving self-sustainability! *Cue the celebrations* Your support over the past years has helped the two communities stand on their own feet and face anything that comes their way, even the pandemic.

Every child you’ve educated, every parent you’ve equipped to provide for their children, every water tap and toilet you’ve installed – it’s all making a difference, especially now.


Where we started

  • Lack of access to clean water and latrines
  • Children were not getting proper nutrition
  • High school dropout rates, low literacy levels
  • Families made meagre incomes and found it difficult to provide for their children
  • Parents lack knowledge and skills in generating supplementary income and managing their finances
  • Lack of awareness on child rights, weak child protection mechanism


Where we are now

  • Water facilities and latrines were built
  • Children aged 3-12 are developing healthy, with weights and heights appropriate for their ages
  • Teachers were trained to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of students
  • Life skills training were provided for youths to develop their communication, creative thinking and leadership skills
  • Occupational skills trainings were conducted for parents, helping them provide for the health, nutrition and education needs of their children
  • Families were trained on financial management skills through savings groups
  • Children and adults alike received trainings on child rights and child protection
  • Child protection committees have been established to help affected children and manage cases

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The maturing of our work in these two Area Programmes allowed us to transition out of the areas and re-direct our funding to help other vulnerable communities.

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