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What is Child Sponsorship?

A boy looking up at the sky full of hope


Be part of a child's world through child sponsorship

Child sponsorship is an empowering journey that helps children, families and communities living in poverty to rise above their circumstances and achieve their full potential!

How does child sponsorship work?

From just RM65 (Asian countries) or RM80 (Non-Asian countries) per month, you can give communities in need access to Clean Water & Sanitation, Health & Nutrition, Education, Livelihood and Child Protection. Your contributions are pooled together with other child sponsors’ and channelled towards holistic development in your sponsored child’s community.

Child sponsorship is also the start of an amazing journey! Your sponsored child is an ambassador of change, allowing you to personally connect with our work as you watch your child and his or her community break free from poverty. Best of all, every child sponsored means another four children benefit, too. Won’t you help transform a child’s world (or more) today?

Sponsor a child today!

Globally, World Vision is undertaking the largest humanitarian response in our 70-year history to limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce its impact on vulnerable children and families. Our united effort will span over 70 countries and aims to reach 72 million people, half of them children.

Our main concern is addressing the secondary impacts of COVID-19, which may be more devastating than the virus itself. The lockdowns resulting from COVID-19 are destroying livelihoods, cutting off children from education, increasing the risk of violence and abuse at home, and straining the ability of health and government systems to provide for the needs of their people.

By sponsoring a child, your contributions will help our staff, community partners and volunteers keep the children we serve safe and healthy through awareness-building, health and hygiene measures. We can then rebuild communities in need and help them become more resilient in the face of COVID-19.


Wang Leehom and Khamphouva

Wang Leehom sees Khamphouva’s world

“Khamphouva, my friend, you hold your head high above the bleakness of your environment. You have a vision of a better future, and are determined to make it happen.”

These are the words of Wang Leehom, who visited his sponsored child Khamphouva in Laos in 2007. The boy had a hard life, but he lived it with dignity.

Khamphouva took Leehom around the forest, and showed him how to hunt and forage for bamboo shoots, crabs, frogs, crickets and scarabs to eat! The ‘meal’ had Leehom’s stomach in agony, but it gave him a deep appreciation for the life he took for granted. “I see him sitting across from me at every meal – and I wonder what Khamphouva is eating today.”

Through World Vision’s work in his community, Khamphouva has grown into a healthy young man with a bright future. Seven years after Leehom’s visit to Laos, Khamphouva even had the opportunity to fly to Taiwan to perform on stage with Leehom!

Photo credit: World Vision Taiwan

What you will receive on your sponsorship journey

Desktop and Mobile versions of My World Vision Account interface.

Access to My World Vision

My World Vision is a personalised, password-protected online platform that lets you learn more about your sponsored child and their community, manage your sponsorships and personal details, plus more!



Welcome Pack

You will receive a welcome pack introducing you to your sponsored child, World Vision and the basics of child sponsorship.



A Chance to Connect

You will be able to reach out to your sponsored child by sending letters and gifts, writing to them through the My World Vision portal, and even visiting them in person!



The Latest Updates

You can stay updated on your sponsored child and World Vision’s work through World Vision newsletters, annual child progress reports, annual reviews and emails.