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A Rundown of #RunForChildren 2023!

On 7 May, Dataran DBKL was buzzing as runners from across Malaysia gathered for the 2023 World Vision Malaysia...


Restoring Childhoods in Dangerous Places

For children in the world's most dangerous places, survival is not guaranteed. Every day is filled with unthinkable risk...


The Value of a Choice

Children don’t often get to make big choices for themselves; the adults in their lives decide on many things for...


Breaking barriers: Di made it to university!

Coming from a low-income household and a small village in Dien Bien province, Vietnam, Di had a tough life. She found happiness, love and care in school. However...


Let Your Light Shine with Gifts of Hope

“I wish I had a bicycle.” That thought ran through Thu Man’s mind every time she went to school. Coming from one of the poorest households in a small village in Vietnam, Thu Man had to wake up at five every morning and walk four kilometres to her school.


Take a Stand Against Hunger and Poverty Now!

In our deeply unequal world, millions of people are living in and dying from food deprivation every year. Since early 2021, World Vision has been sounding the alarm on a growing hunger crisis driven by conflict, climate change and the severe impacts of COVID-19.


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