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Breaking barriers: Di made it to university!

Coming from a low-income household and a small village in Dien Bien province, Vietnam, Di had a tough life. She found happiness, love and care in school. However...


7 Ways Clean Water Fights Poverty

Have you noticed how many times you turn on the water faucet daily? How about how many cups of water you had today? Or how much washing you do in a day? These are just a few instances of how water is readily available and useful to us. While it’s something people in the developed world take for granted, clean drinking water is one of the world’s greatest needs. 


Clean Water Everywhere – and for Everyone!

“Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink” This line, paraphrased from a poem, describes being surrounded by something yet not being able to benefit from it. For children and communities in need, this expression is often literal. Today, 785 million people still lack access to clean water...


Helping children to go the distance!

For a child, the journey of life should be one filled with limitless possibility and potential. But all too often, growing up in an environment filled with violence, abuse and exploitation can leave children staring down a bleak, difficult road. The pandemic has not helped.


A Different Kind of Education

One of the schools in Mae Sariang caters for children from kindergarten level up to Grade 9 in secondary education. However, due to a lack of educational resources, the school found it challenging to adopt an academic-focused approach...


A Great Step Forward

Deen, age 17, is a representative of the La-Ong-Dao youth group. Here, he tells his story of how joining a youth group has aided his growth as a person and leader...


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