Why Sponsor a Child

There have never been more reasons to sponsor a child than there are right this second

The future of the next generation is the future of the whole world.


Join a community of world-changers who are working to co-create a world from injustice, poverty and violence.


You can eliminate fear.


You can provide lasting change.


You can break the cycle of poverty, for good.



A relationship like no other.

Child sponsorship is more than just financial support; it is a journey between two individuals.

1 Child + 1 Sponsor

Children are nominated by the community and given consent to participate in the Child Sponsorship Programme. Each child is matched with a unique sponsor – you! 

Real Children, Real Stories

Every child’s story and background is unique to them. Get to know your child through regular correspondence. You can even make a visit to their home community.

An Empowering Relationship

Share a meaningful relationship with your child that will enrich both lives as you cheer for them through their challenges and celebrate important milestones together.

Contribution that goes a long way.

We believe the best way to change the life of a child is to change the community in which he or she lives. With your contribution that is pooled with those of other sponsors, we adopt a unique two-pronged approach:


  • Outside in – We form long-term partnerships with everyone who impacts a child’s life, whether it be their family, community or nation.
  • Inside out – We empower children themselves to be active participants and change makers in their own lives.
We Protect Children

Our focus is to improve children’s well-being and ensure they experience a fuller, happier, healthier and safer life. We also believe that children should be seen and heard so we involve them in decisions and empower them to speak up as agents of change in their homes, communities and governments. 

We Strengthen Families

We equip families with skills and tools to support their families through improved livelihoods, increased knowledge and skills, and increased access to financial services. We also raise awareness among parents and caregivers on the importance of education, child protection, healthy eating practices and good personal hygiene.

We Transform Communities

When we partner with communities, we start by inviting them to identify their greatest needs. Then we work together to develop a plan, equipping them with resources to address their specific challenges and support development projects that they can continue on their own long after World Vision leaves the community.

Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, four more children benefit, too.

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