She Matters. You Can Rewrite Her Story.



She shouldn’t live in fear or be silenced just because she’s a girl. She shouldn’t be in a wedding dress, waiting to walk down the aisle to a stranger, or at home, heavily pregnant, fearful of what her future holds.


She should be in a school uniform, learning, playing, and working towards her dream of becoming a teacher, doctor, or anything she wants to be. She deserves an education and the chance to shape her own future.


She should only become a mother if she wants to and when the time is right for her. She matters, and you can tell her that.

These are realities no girls should face

Worldwide, 129 million girls are out of school.

Every year, at least 12 million girls are married before they turn 18.

Female Genital Mutilation is often done to girls between birth and age 15. 

Hi, my name is Chheng Eu.
My child ID is STO47-7863.
I am a 7-year-old girl from Cambodia.
I was born on 15-11-2016.

We are urgently seeking sponsors for 1,000 Girls.

Sponsor a girl by 11 October, International Day of the Girl!


Goodbye fear, hello confidence!

These girls no longer live in fear – they know their rights and are empowered. They bravely share their stories, believing it can help many other girls. Will you help carry their stories further?

Keeping Girls in School, Not Marriages

At 14, Neha was nearly forced into marriage. After refusing many times, she managed to escape, and now, she has already stopped three other girls from being forced into marriage.

She’s a Champion, Not a Victim

Against all odds, Miriam is an advocate for girls’ rights. She was abused at 12 by a family member. When she spoke up about it, she was called a liar and thrown out of home.

Cutting Through Traditions and Silence

Peninah grew up believing that Female Genital Mutilation was a necessary rite of passage to becoming a woman. Now, she works tirelessly to stop it, with girls like Lente benefitting from her efforts.

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