30-Hour Famine

Take a stand against hunger and poverty with one of Malaysia’s largest advocacy and fundraising movements!

Future Starts with You(th)!

The 30-Hour Famine is a global youth movement against hunger and poverty. Participants fast for 30 hours, learn about global issues and raise funds, transforming hunger into hope. Our slogan for the year is “Future Starts with You(th)!” We want to encourage the continued brave and powerful voices of young people to fight hunger and poverty, and create a better future together! This year, our 30-Hour Famine Ambassador is Hong Kong singer-songwriter, lyricist, actor and clothing brand owner Pakho Chau.


To further elevate and enrich the Famine experience, "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY) Camps are back this year. Famine Fighters of all ages can choose to participate in the campaign through four categories:

30-Hour Famine DIY Camp

Spend 30 solid hours fasting and learning about global issues such as climate change and its impacts on hunger and poverty

30-Hour Famine Individual Participant

This category provides those with a busy schedule the opportunity to be involved and with much flexibility as they can carry out the activities anytime and anywhere they want

8-Hour Kidz Famine DIY Camp

A child-friendly version of the 30-Hour Famine for those aged 12 and below, complete with age-appropriate activities

8-Hour Family Famine DIY Camp

This is for all the families who want to participate together. No age limit applies

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Beneficiaries and Interventions

Around the World


This year's 30-Hour Famine will be funding World Vision's community development work in Lebanon, Nepal and Sri Lanka, providing communities with Health & Nutrition, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) and Livelihood assistance. This includes:


  1. Providing PPE and disinfection kits to increase their protection against COVID-19.
  2. Developing inclusive and accessible nutrition awareness to mothers and caregivers of children under five.
  3. Providing sufficient nutrition assistance for malnourished children.
  4. Providing the basics of climate-smart agriculture practices (CSAP) through training, seeds and plants. CSAP will build awareness on and encourage farmers to adopt climate-smart agricultural and innovative practices.



In Malaysia


The 30-Hour Famine 2022 will be funding projects that are on the mission to protect and support vulnerable children and families in Malaysia.


  1. World Vision's Malaysia Assistance Fund supports health & nutrition, education, livelihood and child protection projects in Mukim Tulid and Tatalaan, Sabah.
  2. The Community Placement and Case Management (CPCM) Programme by SUKA Society provides safety, permanency and well-being for vulnerable children who do not have any parental care and are at risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation.
  3. Project H.E.A.L (Healthy Eating and Living) by Fugee School offers Fugee students an understanding of how best to have a healthy lifestyle that includes the right diet and activities such as outdoor sports, gardening, cooking classes and "Farm-to-Table" visits.

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In 2021, 85.9% of donations collected were used for programmes that benefit children, families and communities in need.
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