Fraud Alert

World Vision uses a variety of channels (in-person and digital) to advocate for our cause and raise funds to support our programmes around the world. Unfortunately, fraudsters and cyber crooks are also constantly looking for ways to trick our donors and supporters.


Here are a few common types of fraud:


  • Phishing via fake websites or emails

    Phishing occurs when fake websites or emails are created to look like the official one. They are designed to trick us into disclosing private information.

    If you have received an email from World Vision or landed on a website that looks like ours but doesn’t seem genuine (contains grammar and spelling mistakes, odd colours or poor graphics), the safest thing to do is to ignore it. If you are on our transaction page, make sure the URL is secure by looking for https:// - the "s" indicates the website is using secure technology.

  • Phone fraud

    Possible phone frauds include telephone calls claiming that your sponsored child(ren) are in need of medical attention and request that you assist financially by transferring money directly into a bank account.

    Kindly note that World Vision does not solicit or demand contributions or funds from our child sponsors in this manner. Furthermore, sponsored children and their families are not allowed to approach sponsors directly for any financial support.

  • Bank fraud

    Please DO NOT provide your personal and bank details should you receive a phone call or email claiming that you have won a cash prize from World Vision and requests your bank account information, so that the prize money can be deposited directly into your account. 


  • Third-party fundraising

    World Vision Malaysia may engage third-party organisations from time to time to undertake fundraising activities on its behalf. All third parties are prohibited from using your personal information except to provide services to World Vision Malaysia, and they are required to maintain the confidentiality of your information.

    However, some unauthorised third-party organisations have used World Vision's logo on printed materials and social media sites for fundraising purposes.


We want to protect you from frauds. Before you provide any information, be sure you know it’s World Vision. Here are some tips you can use to protect yourself:

Here are a few common types of fraud:


  • The website for World Vision in Malaysia is We are committed to protecting your privacy and have taken every step to ensure any information provided to us are secure and confidential.
  • If you have any doubt, type directly into your browser.
  • If you have any questions, please call us at (603) 7800 0899, or email us at [email protected]. You can also drop us a WhatsApp message at (6012) 300 6282 (for English) or (6011) 3566 3466 (for Chinese).


The best defense against fraud is a keen eye and common sense. Stay safe and reach out to us when in doubt!

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