One Goal Malaysia

A movement to empower Malaysian children to eat right, play right and live right by leveraging on their love of football.

Ensuring Nutrition for Malaysia’s Children

One Goal Malaysia seeks to tackle child malnutrition by leveraging the power of, and the passion for, football in Malaysia. Founded on the three pillars of proper and balanced nutrition, sports and a healthy lifestyle, One Goal Malaysia is a partnership between the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and World Vision Malaysia.

Eat right, play right, live right!

Eat Right to Play Right is the flagship programme of One Goal Malaysia, conducted in partnership with Zurich Insurance & Takaful in Malaysia. Under One Goal Malaysia, World Vision Malaysia serves as an active partner in the implementation of Eat Right to Play Right. We are grant-funded, with Z Zurich Foundation being our grant donor.


This innovative programme seeks to address malnutrition by improving children’s understanding of healthy eating practices through grassroots football. We want to empower Malaysian children to eat right, play right and live right.

    Football has an enthusiastic and passionate following in Asia. Football is also a community sport that children across all backgrounds grow up playing and loving. Using grassroots football, children get to participate in physical activities and lead healthier lifestyles. It is also an effective tool in engaging communities and delivering nutrition education in a fun and interactive manner.

    Our main goal is to increase the nutritional knowledge of children in local communities. The 2015 National Health & Morbidity Survey reported that approximately 1,000,000 children in Malaysia are obese. This leaves them more susceptible to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases in adulthood. Meanwhile, about 700,000 Malaysian children are undernourished. Nutrition deficiency leads to poor cognitive development, leaving a lifelong impact on children.

What do we do?
    Weekly football sessions are conducted by trained volunteer community coaches in identified communities. These sessions incorporate health and nutrition messages into football training drills, enabling children aged 7-12 years old to learn about nutrition while applying the knowledge they gain in an active learning environment.
    Community coaches are identified and trained to deliver weekly football sessions that incorporate health and nutrition messages. A 3-day training course is conducted by a team of people that have relevant technical knowledge and expertise in football, health and nutrition, as well as child protection. Regular workshops and gatherings are held to encourage community coaches to interact and exchange knowledge with one another.
    Parents, guardians and the wider community are encouraged to participate in activities such as Nutrition Workshops and Family Days to increase their nutritional knowledge and help them instill proper nutrition practices for children. They can monitor their children’s progress through the Eat Right to Play Right Programme, while helping to champion good nutrition practices for Malaysian children!


Here’s what a community coach has to say about Eat Right to Play Right:


“As the coach and teacher, I am really proud with what we’ve done because all our lessons are showing positive results.” - Hendrew Brani, Volunteer Coach and Teacher at SK Kelana Jaya 1

And here’s what the children have to say about Eat Right to Play Right:


“It is really fun as I get to play football every week.”


“We get to learn about having a balanced diet and how to start eating healthily: less sugar, less fat and less salt.”

If you’d like to know more about One Goal Malaysia or the Eat Right to Play Right programme, please contact us at (603) 7800 0899 or email [email protected].

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