A Sustainable Success!

September 2023 , Vision News      2 min read




It is a time for celebration, for the once-struggling community now stands tall! Yes – after 15 years of development programmes, Tua Chua Area Programme (AP) in Vietnam has reached self-sustainability, which means they are equipped and capable of continuing any development work on their own, as well as caring for their children.


As we celebrate this triumphant milestone, we would like to thank all 1,026 child sponsors for helping the children and communities of Tua Chua AP in far-reaching ways.

Where we were before:

A high dropout rate among primary and secondary students.

High rates of malnutrition, including wasted, stunted, and underweight children.

Most people did not develop good personal and environmental hygiene habits.

Children were often married off due to local customs.

Low crop yields, poor animal husbandry productivity and a lack of business skills.

Where we are now:

Improved quality of education; more children are attending school.

Pregnant women and caregivers with children aged 0 to 23 months would be visited by village health workers and receive healthcare consultations.

Water tanks, handwashing and latrine facilities were built, raising awareness on hygiene.

Children are trained to protect themselves against child abuse and exploitation, early marriage, and child trafficking.

Farmers have improved knowledge of agricultural and business skills. 

To witness the transformative power of the Child Sponsorship Programme and gain a deeper understanding of World Vision's work, a group of our child sponsors embarked on a visit to Tua Chua AP last year. During their visit, they had the opportunity to see firsthand the life-changing impact they have been making in the lives of vulnerable children and communities. 

Today, as Tua Chua AP stands tall, the wheels of progress are set in motion, steered by the villagers themselves – thanks to YOU! Because of Child Sponsorship, Tua Chua AP embraces a future filled with empowerment and progress.


Join us by sponsoring a child or more today and together, we can transform more communities.  

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