In our world today, vulnerable children and communities face numerous challenges. They must work extra hard to access healthcare, education, and safety. Despite their best efforts, these essentials often remain out of reach.


Now, envision their future as a map filled with dreams and aspirations. This map will remain a two-dimensional imagery until it transforms into reality through our collective actions - you, as a sponsor and us, as an organisation dedicated to helping them live out their full potential.


Your support is the foundation of our work.


Together, we can empower many children to triumph over adversity, turn their dreams into reality and build a brighter future.



Child Sponsorship PLUS


Child Sponsorship PLUS will broaden our impact and extend our reach to more vulnerable communities, both internationally and locally, through sustainable community development programmes.



Receive a mystery box of limited edition World Vision merchandise for every sign-up, limited to the first 300 sign-ups or those received by 31 January 2024, whichever comes first. The boxes will be mailed out in March 2024.

Hi, my name is Md Rahat.

My child ID is JAM08-0101.

I am a 5-year-old boy from Bangladesh.

Hi, my name is Riyad Hasan.

My child ID is JAM08-0123.

I am a 4-year-old boy from Bangladesh.

Hi, my name is Alif.

My child ID is JAM08-0572.

I am a 4-year-old boy from Bangladesh.

Architects of a better tomorrow: you, us and them

The Child Sponsorship Programme remains one of World Vision’s most effective initiatives to help vulnerable children, their families and communities break the cycle of poverty. Sponsored children not only receive assistance but also build meaningful relationships with their sponsors and grow under the latter’s love and encouragement. The larger goal of the Programme is to improve children’s well-being through the implementation of development programmes. Locally, we also implement these programmes through our Malaysia Assistance Fund.


Child Sponsorship PLUS is an invitation for you to sponsor a child in the world’s most vulnerable countries while also extending a helping hand to our fellow Malaysians.


In addition to a monthly contribution to the Child Sponsorship Programme, an additional contribution to the Malaysia Assistance Fund will expand our reach to those who need it most!

You and us, transforming their lives together!

Why do we help those we have not met or know personally?


This is a question not unfamiliar to World Vision. For us, there are countless reasons to extend a helping hand. We have witnessed many children and communities who received support and went on to achieve remarkable transformations, using their stories to inspire positive change and contributing to making the world a better place.


Two such individuals are Lesly and Allie, who now have a future full of possibilities thanks to World Vision’s assistance.


Growing up in poverty, Lesly faced many challenges on her educational journey. Now a registered pharmacist, she aspires to aid patients in their recovery by providing the right medication.


Although she lives in one of Malaysia’s poorest states, Allie’s passion for self-improvement has never wavered. She is dedicated to helping children establish a strong educational foundation and building a better future for her community.

Thanks to our collective efforts, Lesly and Allie are on the right path to living out their potential. There are many others like them around the world, waiting for us to help them realise their dreams. Their future begins with your decision to help!

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In 2022, 84.8% of donations collected were used for programmes that benefit children, families and communities in need.
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