Child Sponsorship PLUS combines the best of our Child Sponsorship Programme

with the impact of our Malaysia Assistance Fund, making it a powerful opportunity

to support vulnerable children both in Malaysia and around the world!




In our world today, vulnerable children and communities face numerous challenges, from accessing basic necessities to realising their dreams.


Child Sponsorship PLUS has the power to turn these aspirations into reality through our collective action – you, as a sponsor and us, as an organisation dedicated to helping them live out their full potential.



Child Sponsorship PLUS


Hi, my name is Chheng Eu.

My child ID is STO47-7863.

I am a 7-year-old girl from Cambodia.

Hi, my name is Laihorng.

My child ID is STO47-7937.

I am a 7-year-old girl from Cambodia.

Hi, my name is Phanny.

My child ID is STO47-7989.

I am a 7-year-old girl from Cambodia.

What is Child Sponsorship PLUS?

Child Sponsorship PLUS is a unique programme that combines World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Programme with the Malaysia Assistance Fund, allowing you to sponsor children globally while also supporting vulnerable children here in Malaysia.


The Child Sponsorship Programme provides essential support to vulnerable children, their families and communities, addressing the root causes of poverty through the implementation of sustainable development programmes. These programmes provide access to basic necessities such as clean water, nutritious food, and quality education. Additionally, sponsored children have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their sponsors.


Meanwhile, our Malaysia Assistance Fund extends these benefits locally, helping local children break the cycle of poverty.


By combining both the Child Sponsorship Programme and the Malaysia Assistance Fund into a unified approach, we can amplify our impact and reach those in greatest need, both in Malaysia and beyond.

Architects of a better tomorrow: you, us and them


Meet Lesly and Allie, shining examples of the transformative power of sponsorship and World Vision’s development programmes.


Growing up in poverty, Lesly faced many challenges on her educational journey. Now a registered pharmacist, she aspires to aid patients in their recovery by providing the right medication.


Although she lives in one of Malaysia’s poorest states, Allie’s passion for self-improvement has never wavered. She is dedicated to helping children establish a strong educational foundation and building a better future for her community.

Thanks to our collective efforts, Lesly and Allie are empowered to live out their full potential, inspiring change and contributing to a better world.


Your decision to participate in Child Sponsorship PLUS can ignite a ripple effect of positive change, shaping the futures of more children.

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