Education, a Confidence Booster

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Allie adapts her teaching methods to the needs of her students. She understands that every child is unique and being an educator requires patience, creativity and flexibility.


Allie is a homemaker from a remote community in Sabah, a state in Malaysia with the highest poverty rate. In response to the needs in Sabah, World Vision is implementing community development programmes there supported by our Malaysia Assistance Fund. These programmes addresses major challenges faced by local children and communities, including the lack of access to education, by assisting the community in establishing a pre-school. Allie was elected by her community to serve as its principal.


Over the years, the mother of nine has managed the kindergarten assisted by another teacher. She has gone from hesitating to accept the role to adeptly managing it and thriving as an educator. With World Vision’s support, she pursued a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Open University Malaysia and successfully graduated in October 2023.


Allie says, “I didn’t have any prior experience or knowledge as an educator, but World Vision was always willing to listen to me when I faced difficulties. They guided me, which gave me the confidence to face and overcome any challenges that came my way.”


Through her experience, Allie has a word of encouragement for everyone: “Learning is a lifelong journey. Through my education, I have been equipped to provide quality education to more children, laying a strong foundation in their lives and contributing to building a brighter future for our community.”

From teaching students to preparing their meals, Allie lovingly cares for her students.


Although Allie continues to face challenges in her role, her resilience and determination enable her to overcome them. Allie is committed to building up her community for herself, for the children, for her family and for the community at large.



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