Repaying Kindness with Kindness

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Lesly faced many challenges on her educational journey but overcame them with World Vision's support. Today, she is applying her knowledge to help vulnerable communities.


Lesly, a former World Vision sponsored child from the Philippines, found a glimmer of hope at the lowest points in her life, thanks to World Vision’s support. Now, at the age of 25, she is a registered pharmacist. She chose to start a pharmacy in a remote area to provide quality medical services to vulnerable communities.


Lesly and her mother at their family-run pharmacy.

“I really wanted to become a medical professional, because I want to help other people who are in need,” says the young lady. With this aspiration in mind, Lesly dedicated herself to her studies and became a pharmacist. She aspires to aid patients in their recovery by providing the right medication.


Growing up in poverty, Lesly’s father was the sole breadwinner of the family. When she became a sponsored child, she received educational support, such as school supplies and uniforms, alleviating her family’s financial burden. While in university, her father sadly passed away, leaving the family without their main source of income. World Vision stepped in and provided them with financial assistance, enabling Lesly to complete her education.


Lesly adds: “(Through my experience as a sponsored child), I have learned to value others, especially those in need, because it was shown to me through the generosity of my sponsor. Now, I want to use my skills to help others.


The animal lover also finds joy in helping animals so aside from working as a pharmacist in the day, Lesly works as a veterinarian assistant in the evenings.


Reflecting on how far she’s come, she pays tribute to her father, who is her inspiration to work hard. “My father was a very hardworking person. I want to dedicate my achievements to him, because he helped me become who I am today. I know that he is proud of me.”



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