42 rights. 42 minutes. Let’s make a move for children!

Vision News , June-2020      4 min read

We all know about human rights, but did you know that there is a set of rights made specifically for children? It’s called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).


The UNCRC contains 42 rights, which are based on what a child needs to survive, grow, participate and develop their full potential. They apply equally to all children, and it is the responsibility of parents, governments AND children to ensure these rights are met.


The 42 rights in the UNCRC can be broadly divided into four pillars:



The Right to


From the moment children are born, they have the right to life. Governments must provide for the needs that are most basic to existence, such as nutrition, shelter, an adequate living standard, and access to medical services.



The Right to


Children have the right to freely express their thoughts, views and opinions, and participate in society, particularly in areas affecting them. Their voices must be seriously taken into account in line with their age and maturity.



The Right to


A child today is an adult of tomorrow, so education and development are essential. Development rights include the right to play, leisure, cultural activities and access to information.



The Right to


Once children are born and survive, they have the right to be protected from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse and child labour.



196 countries (including Malaysia) have ratified the UNCRC. However, child rights are frequently denied due to abuse, exploitation and conflict. Some children have been trapped in unhealthy, abusive situations, especially during the current pandemic. The fight for child rights is a daily one. And it’s one you can join!



Run (or walk) for child rights! 



Make a move for child rights anytime, anywhere through our #RunForChildren Virtual Run!


A virtual run is one that you can complete at your own pace, time, and place! But the #RunForChildren has a meaningful twist: we want you to run for 42 minutes and advocate for the 42 rights of the child on your runner’s bib!


  • Where? You can run or walk indoors (e.g. on a treadmill, at home) or outdoors – get creative!
  • When? Anytime between 3 and 19 July 2020


After you run, post a photo of yourself with the child on your runner’s bib on social media to advocate and raise awareness on children’s rights!


Feeling warmed up and ready to go?


It Takes You and I to End Violence Against Children!

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