Sylvia Chang: When We Work Together, We Can Make A Real Difference

Stories of Hope      2 min read

When Sylvia Chang started to support World Vision’s work in 1993, she felt overwhelmed. There were too many children and families in desperately vulnerable situations, and their problems seemed too big. However as she became more familiar with the people and issues, she realised something, "The more I understand, the more I see that each of us is capable of helping others.”


The first time Sylvia visited her then 9-year-old sponsored child Lin Lin in Mongolia, she said, “When I met her, only then did I know what poverty was.” Lin Lin’s dad had left the family and her mom worked at a construction site. Lin Lin had to take care of her younger siblings by herself and do housework, and did not have sufficient food or clothing. “However, she was very sensible and worked hard”, said Sylvia, “Over the years, I watched her grow up. After graduating from college, she became a lawyer and even a mother. I really cried, because (knowing Lin Lin’s past struggles) this is my heart’s greatest comfort.”


Because of sponsors like Sylvia, the most vulnerable children can have hope of a better future. Although we may be facing many issues in the world right now, we can bring hope to those who most need it. As Sylvia said: "I think every ordinary person is capable (of helping others), it has nothing to do with the amount of money he or she has. It is about the heart to share with others, which should be part of all our lives."

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