No girl should have to live in fear. But every girl you know has. Every girl you know has walked home scared, made a fake phone call, held keys in her hand, rounded a corner and run. Every girl find themselves in danger everywhere and poverty pushes it to another level. But you can help a girl today.

You can turn her fear into confidence

Learn how girls are empowered to break down barriers and take hold of their futures.

Ditching the Veil for a Uniform

Xa is only 14, but for years, she knew what her future holds: early marriage.

The Young Volunteer at the Romania-Ukraine Border

Once a shy girl, Andreea is now one of many working to support people fleeing Ukraine.

Semira’s New Dream: Girls Protecting Girls

Semira was destined to be a child bride. But everything changed when she was 13.

Sponsor a girl and change her life. For good.

Hi, my name is Koemlieng.

My child ID is ROV73-1747.

I am a 11-year-old girl from Cambodia.

Hi, my name is Nandani Kumari.

My child ID is RAU47-4136.

I am a 4-year-old girl from Nepal.

Hi, my name is Dalia.

My child ID is KEN36-1852.

I am a 10-year-old girl from DR Congo.

What’s happening around the world

Every minute, 22 girls become child brides.

Globally, 129 million girls are out of school.

At least 200 million women and girls aged 15-49 have undergone female genital mutilation. Majority of them were cut before age five.

Too many girls, over too many generations, have endured violence, fear and oppression. Enough is enough. Join the movement to end violence against girls. Sponsor 1,000 girls by International Day of the Girl on 11 October.



When you sponsor a girl, you are

If you would like to support through a one-off donation, you can donate to our Child Protection Fund. Your donation will help to empower children, strengthen families and mobilise communities to end violence against children.


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