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Right the Wrong


Our world today is grappling with numerous issues, such as poverty, hunger, climate change, and conflict. We believe, in the most challenging of circumstances, we still have the power to choose to do the right thing.


Join the 30-Hour Famine, a global movement against hunger and poverty, where you will dive deep into global issues, become an informed global citizen, and learn how to respond rightly to all the wrongs in our world. Together, we can “Right the Wrong”!


Everyone is welcome to join the 30-Hour Famine! Participants, better known as Famine Fighters, can choose to participate through one of four categories:

30-Hour Famine

(One-day DIY Camp)


Famine Fighters will come together to learn about and experience the challenges presented by global issues while raising funds for those in need. Fasting is optional, and the programme will run for 8 hours.

30-Hour Famine

(Full-length DIY Camp)


Similar to the 30-Hour Famine (One-day DIY Camp), but the programme will run for the full 30 hours.

8-Hour Kidz Famine


A child-friendly version for those aged 12 and below. Famine Fighters will raise funds and participate in age-appropriate activities to learn about global issues. Fasting is optional.

Individual Participant


Designed for those with busy schedules. Individual Participants will take on the challenge solo, raising funds and learning about global issues based on the materials provided. 

No matter which category you choose, you'll be making a meaningful impact!



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Beneficiaries and Interventions

Around the World


The funds raised through this year’s 30-Hour Famine will support World Vision’s community development work in the countries below, providing Health & Nutrition and Livelihoods assistance to vulnerable children and families. This includes:


  • Providing food assistance to crisis-affected communities.


  • Supporting farmers with agricultural resources, animal husbandry training, and materials for raising livestock. We will also enhance their resilience to disasters.


  • Establishing and strengthening producer groups to pursue local and private investments. We will also support entrepreneurship activities and strengthen Savings Groups.


  • Partnering with Public Health Midwives to address child malnutrition, and helping mother support groups advocate for better health services with the local government.


  • Collaborating with partners to construct and repair community water supply and purification systems.

DR Congo


Sri Lanka

World Food Programme


World Vision is the largest non-governmental partner of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and our partnership spans over 30 years. Together, we provide food assistance and work collaboratively to empower vulnerable communities to become self-reliant, both now and in the future.


In 2024, the 30-Hour Famine Fund will also support the WFP’s efforts to combat hunger and its underlying causes, focusing on:


  • Preventing and treating malnutrition, improving nutrition levels for mothers and children, as well as providing food to the most vulnerable groups such as children under five, pregnant and breastfeeding women


  • Building resilience among farmers against climate shocks (like droughts) and enhancing economic opportunities, as well as rebuilding and restoring livelihoods in disaster-affected areas


In Malaysia


This year, the local beneficiary is World Vision’s Malaysia Assistance Fund, supporting:


  • Health and nutrition, education, livelihood, child protection, and water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives in Mukim Tulid and Tatalaan, Sabah


  • One Goal Malaysia’s Eat Right to Play Right programme, which seeks to combat child malnutrition through sports (badminton) in urban poor communities within the Klang Valley

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